Blogmas Day 16 – A Wednesday Wishlist, New Year Needs

I haven’t done a wishlist yet for blogmas, since it’s Wednesday I figured it would be a good day to do it. Although all the Christmas shopping is now complete, I am now looking for bits to help me get my butt into gear as far as organisation is concerned in 2016. I have felt so overwhelmed since going self employed midway through the year that I feel like I need to make a concious effort to sort myself out and really get on board since this is now my livelihood.

So here are some things I’m looking into purchasing to really help get my head straight and get myself back into the game. Yeah, we have lots of Disney, but it’s to be expected when I’m hoping to launch my blog in the new year with one of the main focuses being on Disney.

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Last year BHS sold this amazing Alice in Wonderland diary that I have used religiously over the last year. I was hoping for something similar but alas no.. So right now I’m short a diary for 2016! I found the above Princess one from Japan (of course). I’m just waiting until I have bit more spare cash before I bite the bullet and shell out £17 odd for a diary. Hand in hand with this is the Thomas Kinkade Disney calendar I’ve religiously bought for the past 3 years. Although I know it’s similar images in each one, I love having it hung on my bedroom wall.

I’ve had my current blog layout for a year and I feel like it’s time to switch it up a bit, especially as I’m changing my direction slightly and being more focused on Disney. I’ve fallen in love with the above one on Etsy, but I’m too scared to take the plunge because I have no idea how to install it! I already have my header created by the wonderful Jemma of Dorkface! I cannot recommend her enough!

As I’m off back to Florida for 4 weeks in March (and it being my birthday) I really need to force my butt to stick to a diet because 4 weeks living of Waffle House grilled cheese is not going to end well! I have a £30 Currys voucher that I’m going to use to treat myself to a Teal Fitbit (fav colour and that) once it’s back in stock. I’m going to attempt Slimming World again but I need some new recipe ideas so I guess a couple of cookbooks are in order, I love the look of the Every Day Italian and the Free Foods one.

I really hope I manage to free up some cash over the next few weeks so I can get all this but, since I’m saving like a crazy person at the moment, and I have Little Miss’ 4th birthday next month I guess I’m going to be eBay listing like mad in the new year!

Is one of your resolutions to be more organised in life?

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