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Blogmas Day 19 – Festive Things to Do with Kids Before Christmas

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Yesterday Little Miss broke up for 2 weeks over Christmas, which of course, I’m used to. However this year she has 6 full days before the big day itself. For a little three year old, that’s a lot of time to fill when you’re waiting for Christmas and now that she knows she doesn’t go back to school until it’s over, she’s hyper and bored. Since her birthday is in January she hasn’t really had anything new to play with since then. She’s read all her books, filled all her colouring pages, she knows how to do all her jigsaws like the back of her hand. The playdoh has dried out and she’s out grown a lot of toys. She is ready for Santa Claus. So in the mean time I’ve made a list with her of things we can do over the next 6 days to keep her busy and I thought i’d share for anyone looking of ways to fill the void that school has left.


Christmas Baking
I have to admit, I am awful when it comes to baking with LM. She mainly bakes with my mum. This is because when it comes to baking, I’m a perfectionist as it’s something I really rake pride and I feel like doing children’s baking brings this out. We both just end up getting ourselves upset because it’s not how it’s supposed to look. However I have promised I will bake some cookies for Santa Claus with her. I may even stretch to making some fudge and mince pies with her as well, but we’ll see.

Little Miss loves to put on little shows. She loves to sing, dance and even perform skits she’s made up. As she’s been learning Christmas songs at pre-school, I’ve told her we’ll go around to my aunt’s and visit my Nanny so she can sing them her Christmas songs. Maybe I could even combine this with the above Christmas baking, bake some mince pies then take them around the doors and sing (by around the doors I don’t mean random doors, I mean to family).


Christmas Movie Afternoon
One of LM’s favourite things for the two of us to do in the winter is to sit on the sofa under a pile of blankets and watch a film. I’ve promised her that one day this week (probably Wednesday as my mum has my nephew all day) we will make a fort like we did over the summer and stay in it all day watching the pile of Christmas movies I have. Then in the evening we’ll have take away.

Go & See the Christmas Lights
There is always that street in your town that goes all out on Christmas lights, be it your high street or just some Christmas crazy neighbours! There is a close in our town that is beautifully lit up and I’ve told Little Miss one night I’ll ask Nanny to drive us hope that way so we can go see them.

and one final suggestion, however we have done it twice in December so we probably won’t do it this week;

Festive Things to Do with Kids Before Christmas Meeting Santa

Visit Santa Claus
This time of year there always places that offer your child a chance to meet Santa Claus. LM is so into character meeting that she has loved meeting Santa Claus this year. She was able to hold conversation with him and over all it was an incredibly magical experience that I definitely recommend.

How are you planning on filling the next week?

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