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Cocktails in Teacups Disney Life Travel Parenting Blogmas Day 21 Christmas Traditions

This year I haven’t felt even remotely Christmassy and I think a lot of it is due to the fact LM has been at pre-school 5 days a week. Even last year when I lost my grandad I felt more Christmassy than this. It’s terrible. Christmas day is in 4 days and for all I mentally feel like, it will be over before I start to enjoy it. So to help me get into the Christmas spirit, I thought I’d share some Christmas Traditions with you.


Putting the Tree Up on the 25th November
Yep, we’re heading way back to November now for my first Christmas tradition. I only started it last year but it’s one I feel will continue for many years to come. I put our tree up on the 25th November, exactly one month before the day itself. I always feel Christmas trees have a special sparkle to them before the day itself and they never look the same after Christmas has been and gone. Because of this I like to make the best of the time prior to the 25th December by having my tree up for a full month. We added to this tradition this year after last year was a disaster with a kitten and a toddler when it came to putting it all up. So now I put it up the night of the 25th but leave the tree undecorated aside from the lights and the tinsel. Then the following day LM and I hang all the ornaments on. It worked out perfectly and wasn’t half as stressful.

Cocktails in Teacups Disney Life Travel Parenting Blogmas Day 21 Christmas Traditions Christmas Dinner

Everyone Helps Prepare the Christmas Dinner
Yes, even the kids. On Christmas eve we all gather at my mum’s where we also have Christmas dinner and the kids help prep the veg with my mum while listening to Christmas music. I also start prepping the dessert. Christmas night my dad’s job is to take the turkey out the oven (my mum cooks it Christmas eve, anyone else do that?) once my mum is in bed. Christmas day my sister makes the stuffing. My dad crisps the roasts and I make the starter and the dessert. My mum does any of the other jobs and by Christmas day the kids aren’t interested in helping! When we all sit down we really appreciate it because we all helped.

Christmas Eve Baths & New PJs
When I was little we had this backwards.. we had a bath to get all clean for Santa coming then we put old pjs on. However my sister and I changed it up and the kids now have a bath then we give them new pjs as a Christmas eve gift. Last year I also started the Christmas eve box idea which I’ll be sharing with you on the 23rd and what’s in her 2015 one. Not only does LM have a bath and put on new pjs, I do too. Wish Lush, my first Lush in months and I’m so excited. Then I plan on painting my nails, drinking wine and eating cheese.

Cocktails in Teacups Disney Life Travel Parenting Blogmas Day 21 Christmas Traditions Christmas Gifts

Santa Claus Fills the Stockings and Brings the Main Gifts
As a kid, my parents had it where Santa Claus brought all the gifts. And yeah it seemed nice that Santa was extra generous to my sister and I (cause clearly we were just that good) it didn’t fly as well as we got older, and then as a parent myself, I didn’t like the idea that the jolly old man was the one who gave all the gifts. I wanted LM to feel like mummy was showering her with surprises for being so well behaved. So since our first Christmas, Santa Claus brings the main gift, the one she writes down in her letter (or will when she can write, at the moment she just asks for). He also fills her stocking. All the other gifts are from mummy. This year LM has asked Santa Claus for a Doc McStuffins’ Mobile Clinic and other Doc things. Which will be left by the fire in place of the milk & cookies she leaves out for him. I wrap them in a different paper since at the moment she can’t read a label and they’re in a sack. Her stocking is hung on her bedroom door so she can find it first thing in the morning. Last year she asked for Buzz, Jessie and Bullseye from Toy Story. I love our system and I definitely prefer it over the one my mum had.

We all Nap on Christmas Day
Random right? But it’s an unofficial Christmas tradition that we all nap in the afternoon on Christmas day. Even the kids! It’s not like we do it on purpose, but I think it’s because we’re all warm, happy and content.

What are your families Christmas Traditions?

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