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Having a beautiful modern home interior doesn’t always have to come with an expensive price tag – in reality, you can achieve modernity with no stress on your wallet.

Think about colour
The cheapest method (or cheat!) to attaining a modern look is to have a think about the colour of your paint. The right colour can completely bring a room together – bold, brave and eye-catching colours make a grand statement about your interior, whereas subtle little accentuations of colour here and there can give off a modern minimalist look.

Paint can be relatively economic, especially if you go for the subtle look, or only paint one wall to create a ‘feature wall’.

Think about space
Like we just discussed; a key component of modern design is a minimalist, spacious look, which means making the most of the space you have. Think small light fittings, compact radiators, mirrors/reflective surfaces and bright colours, to give off a feeling of everything being much bigger than it is.

Think about soft furnishings
Soft furnishings are a key component of modern home design, with particular importance being given to pillows, these days. Similar to the subtle paint idea, the right colour, shape, fabric or size of pillow in, say your living room, can give it that quiet little push in the right design direction to set the entire aesthetic off.

Generally: bigger and fluffier suggests a homely, comfortable appeal. Whereas smaller and chicer, gives off a feel of high style and attention to detail.

Think rustically
The popularity of ‘shabby chic’ has never been bigger. Modern design is constantly looking for ways to place the old next to the new to create a stylish little flourish in a room; old wooden furniture, worn fabrics, antique decorations – all these things are staging a serious comeback in our homes… And the best part is you probably have most of it lying around already.

Low cost, high appeal!

Think hard floors
Sleek, stylish flooring can make or break the modern look of your home with one glance. Modern design is often quite far removed from the traditional homely staple of carpeted floors, and usually more in keeping with hard wood or tiles. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune, however – many ‘fake’ hardwood floors are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing, not to mention considerably cheaper to install.

That’s all there is to it – cheap, modern, stylish and effective!

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