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I often find people make their home fit for someone else, rather than themselves. Shouldn’t your home reflect who you are and what you adore? Obviously it ought to! If you’re not certain how to communicate your life through your stylistic theme, here are a few of my thoughts that may give you the certainty you are looking for.

Your Colour Hues and Combinations
Try not to be too conservative — declare your most loved colours with a bit of dynamism and combine them beautifully – here are some great ideas from housetohome. Your bedrooms and bathrooms are perhaps the best places to get striking with your colour choices.

Disregard what others might think and utilize your most loved hues in your home. Express yourself with the spectacular and you will feel at home. It won’t speak to everybody, but what difference does the make? They don’t live in your home — you do.


Your Creations
Art is individual, so buy art you love. If you fancy yourself as a bit of an artist, or potter, or any type of artisan that is brilliant. Make your home your own by showing what you make. Cocktails and Teacups tip you can make great wall art using clip frames from Best4frames, as they have no edge and really make your walls look fab.

Hang a load of your kids’ art up can also be super. You don’t need to have them professionally mounted or anything; simply utilize paint a cluster of frames and mounts that are the same design and they’ll hold together as a group.

Show off your hobbies
Don’t be afraid to get a signed rugby shirt and display it prominently. If you are a thespian then display your collection of Shakespeare books prominently. Stamp your mark on your home by displaying your hobbies.

Your History and Family
Show significant family items in your cabinets or on tabletops; but don’t make the place look cluttered. Combine a couple of main pieces that mean a lot as a feature in a room. Get people talking and family reminiscing when they come over.

Memory Lounge area
Show things off in your home that help you to remember the places you have been and the wonderful memories that you have created. That trip to the beach on the South Cost of France? The time you took your kids to the Xmas panto. Photos are great, but even just items that have a connection with your memories can spark nostalgia and make your home yours.


Making your home yours is about making your home about you, not about someone else. Get your family to contribute and get your house homely.

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