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With the end of the year approaching it’s natural to start thinking about what 2016 is going to bring. I know a lot of people nowadays feel quite disillusioned about this, with the way the country is at the moment it does feel very like “same stuff, different year” but I’m always hopeful when I new year starts and I do start out wanting to better myself and be happier than the year before. Of course I will be doing a post all about my resolutions, both life and blogging on New Years day which is my tradition, but today I’m going to share some crazy ideas for how you could really shake up 2016 and make it a really special year.


Sell Up and Move Abroad
Have you ever really wanted to experience life in a different country? I know I have and if I really wanted to shake up a year I would do it. Unfortunately where I am in my life this isn’t an option, but it could be for you. UK Home Buyers allow you to sell your home fast giving you the funds you need to start a life abroad. A quick house sale would mean you would have the money in your pocket to buy a home of your dream abroad. Not only that, for a little terrace house in a city you can probably buy a villa in Spain with a pool! If you have a job and skills that transfer, this could definitely be for you.

Apply for a Cultural Exchange Program
So you may not have the home or the means to move abroad permanently, but if travelling is the one thing you really want to do, why not apply for a cultural exchange program? If you’re like me, you could apply for the Disney specific one which was what I was hoping to do before I had LM. It’s not a huge stretch as I know a fair few people who have taken part in this. You can apply for this as a student, or you can also do it as a graduate. It doesn’t guarantee you a chance to live out there permanently but it would be a great start.

Buy Your Dream Car
Maybe 2016 could be the year you finally take the plunge and buy your dream car? 2014 was that year for my sister, she traded in her old car bought by my parents and bought one she’d had her eye on for a while. It’s bigger, and more family friendly and it was probably the highlight of her year. For me, the ideal family car would be the VW Tiguan and although it’s a little bit out of my price range there are places that give you affordable deals to lease one. Not only does it have everything that makes it a perfect family car, but it looks good! Nothing says being grown up like buying your first car yourself!

Get Engaged or Married
Although this isn’t a decision you can make yourself, maybe talk to your other half about how you want 2016 to finally be the year you get engaged or even tie the knot if you’re already engaged. Girls, 2016 is a leap year and it’s tradition for the lady to propose on the 29th February! Apparently they can’t say no either! So if you think you’ve found the one and marriage is something you’re considering why don’t you take the plunge this year and ask him to say I do?

Whether or not you decide to make 2016 the year you really do something crazy, I wish you all the very best!

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