Disney Store Wishlist, January 2016

Since last Thursday I have been absolutely floored with a cold and flu virus but I’m pretty sure as of today, I’m on the mend. I can always tell because my ears are the only thing left hurting. They’re completely blocked at the moment, so much so that when I woke up I had a touch of vertigo. I’m not a great person when it comes to illness so I have been a nightmare to live with the past few days, but thankfully I think I’m going to be well for Little Miss’ birthday on Thursday.

So, to ease my way back into blogging (as I’ve had nothing new on the blog since Friday) I’ve done a Disney Store wishlist. I thought it would be a nice thing to do once a month. I may alternate between things I’m wishing for and things I’d like for LM. Since it’s LM’s birthday on Thursday and she’ll be getting plenty, I decided this month to do what I have my eye on. For once there is so many things I’d love for myself, and of course I don’t have a penny to spare.. but hey, “they can’t order me to stop dreaming” right?

Disney Store January 2016

Our house has gone Star Wars crazy at the moment, even Little Miss is getting into it, which of course means stealing all mummy’s Star Wars things. She currently has my Rey Funko Pop beside her bed and she sleeps with my mini BB-8! I was so excited to see some nice things on the Disney Store more suited to grown ups. First up, a couple of t-shirts, as I’m really into the whole t-shirts into high waist skirts look at the moment. And it’s not like LM can steal t-shirts! So the first t-shirt is this really awesome ringer t-shirt with Join The Resistance on it. I have ALWAYS been pro-resistance so I’d be wearing it with pride! It’s not bad for a Disney Store tee at £14.95. The second t-shirt is a Disneyland Paris exclusive t-shirt, it is black with Star Wars Silhouttes on it and is on sale for £22. The other Star Wars bits I have my eye on are the BB-8 Spinner pin for £13 and the Poe Dameron Pop Funko for £9.95. In case you don’t follow me on social media, I have a huge crush on Poe Dameron and the actor Oscar Isaac at the moment and I affectionately call him Poe DAMeron. Ha.

Of course, a wishlist wouldn’t be complete without something Peter Pan. There is a new Peter Pan & the Lost Boys mug available for £8.95. Would you believe I don’t even have a Peter Pan mug yet? I clearly need to fix this! The next item has appeared on many many wishlists and I still don’t have it yet because I always feel so guilty buying Disney Traditions for myself! It’s obviously the Peter Pan Tradition and he’s £18.

Finally, some random bits. The Tsum Tsum stationary is just too cute to pass up, and it’s nicely priced at £7.95. I also completely adore this Mickey and Minnie make up bag, it looks so grown up compared to some of the stuff you can usually get for adults on The Disney Store, and I especially love that Minnie is wearing her hat rather than her bow. This is also only £7.95!

Is there anything you have your eye on from the Disney Store?

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