Hijack My Flatpack!*

So, 2016, the year where I take back my house and make it more into a home. As I’ve mentioned in a few posts this month I’m going to be making a concious effort on really making my house into somewhere I want to be. My itchy feet mean I spend way too much of my time thinking about far off places rather than just what lies inside my front door. So I’m taking back my four walls and turning it into a real home with my stamp on it.

One of my biggest issues with my living situation is the fact I’m on a tight budget even when I’m not saving for a holiday. Splashing out on expensive furniture just isn’t something I can ever bring myself today therefore 40% of my house is thrifted or items passed down to me from other members of my family, and the other 60% is.. you guessed it, the dread flatpack. Being someone who really likes to be individual I do ultimately loath buying furniture that I know the majority of people in my home town will have, and therefore our homes will all look the same, but you really cannot knock the price and since I don’t have a car, a flatpack is much easier to transform home than a solid oak piece, say. However, with the help of one of my mum’s absolute favourites, Phil Spencer, I now have some fab ideas on how to jazz up my flatpacks and really put my own mark on them. I’m really excited to give all the pieces in LM’s room a new look to go with her new bedroom later on this year (she wants Peter Pan theme, obviously.)

If you need some ideas, why not watch the video i’ve shared below.

How do you personalised generic products around the home like flatpacks?

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