Tips for Fashion Bargain Hunting Online*

Lets face it, I have made it no secret that I like to do a bit of bargain hunting when it comes to pretty much ever aspect of my life. I try to live a thrifty exsistence so I have more money to spend on things that really matter to me.. such as Disney trips. I work really hard to be able to afford to take Little Miss to Disney multiple times a year but it’s not without sacrifce, I even wrote a post about things i’ve given up to support my slight Disney addiction.

Of course, sometimes I do need to buy things, be it because I’m feeling miserable and something new arriving in the post feels like a gift to me.. and sometimes it’s just because I need something. Recently I had to pick up a few extra fashion related bits for our trip and it’s the first time I’ve really spent money on new clothes.. that being said.. the grand total came to £30.. but at least it was something! That’s what inspired today’s post.. my tips for buying new fashion related pieces online.

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Check eBay
Whenever I need to buy something, regardless of what it is, my first port of call is eBay. For starters they often have things from last season that I usually can’t afford at retail price. I honestly don’t care about being dressed in out of season at this age. Fashion means something completely different to me now than it did say 7 years ago when I was a single gal without a kid. But like I said, I search for everything on there and I have picked up some great bargains. Nearly all my holiday clothes is from there and I know I got it for a fraction of the price.

Know Where the Online Designer Outlets Are At
However, if designer is more your thing make sure you’re aware of what websites offer last seasons designer pieces like Gilmar Fashion Outlet. These sort of websites are great if you like to be wearing the best stuff but can’t afford it at full price.

Check for Discount Codes
Before I buy anything, including groceries, I hunt the internet for a voucher code. I hate paying for anything without a voucher code and whenever I do one of these money saving posts it’s always one of my tips. There are so many of these voucher code websites and some of them even have exclusive codes to them, it’s worth checking more tha one before you buy online.

Sell to Buy
Whenever I want something knew, I always find something to sell. I think some of it is because I get serious shoppers guilt these because I feel like I could be using my money elsewhere. I ALWAYS have things listed on eBay and I’m a member of some many buying and selling groups on Facebook. I find them so much more profitable than apps like Depop and Vinted where people want something for nothing.


I feel if you follow all these tips you’ll never feel like buying full price again, and you’ll still have a kick ass wardrobe!

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