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Do you have friends and family who are expecting a baby in the coming months? Once you reach a certain age, it can seem like it’s happening everywhere! However, this means that you’ll need to get well-versed in the rules of buying newborn baby gifts.

Here is rule number 1; go for something that the parents will like just as much. This means it will be appreciated by everyone. You gift will actually be used, and you can hand it over knowing the baby will be safe using it.

As for a handful of other rules, ideas and thoughts, read on;

Reputable brands
Buying gifts for babies and children is one corner you should never cut. Avoid buying from unknown or unfamiliar brands, whether this is online or in store. If you do want to, do a quick Google search first to find out if they have negative reviews. Check to see if they’ve had a slew of product recalls, too. This is a very bad sign, as it shows they have made items that have been faulty and potentially dangerous in the past. Instead, opt for reputable brands who can you trust, like Jellycat.

Safe toys
Looking at whether the toy you’re toying with buying (excuse the pun!) is useful and colourful is important. But the most important thing is ensuring it is safe. It should adhere to all government standards. The company who have made the toy should also have their own set of standards sitting alongside the basic ones. These cover things like no small parts that the baby could swallow or choke on.

Bright colours
Babies are often calmed down by distractions, especially in the early portion of their life. They’re too young to understand words, of course. They’re also not dexterous enough to play games than require hand-eye coordination. Instead, bright colours and interesting textures will be what captures and keeps their attention

Bigger clothes
The vast majority of parents will have stocked up on the items they need for the first few days and months of their baby’s life. They’ll also have taken those items to the hospital with them for the birth. This means that if you buy newborn baby clothes, they might never get worn. Babies grow so fast they might be too big for them before the parents get a chance to use what you gifted. This goes for things like mittens, hats and booties also.


Instead of buying newborn clothes and accessories, by items for when they’re a little older; 3+ months or even 6+ months for example. They’re likely to get worn more, and the parents will appreciate having items for further down the line.

Soft blanket
Unlike newborn clothes, there is no such thing as too many blankets. Thanks to the variety of different icky fluids a newborn produces, from sick to poop, blankets get stained easily. While some can be washed and disinfected, this means that they can lose their softness. It is far easier for parents to discard of stained or soiled blankets, and be able to replace them with the one you have bought them. Remove any scratchy labels before giving the gift.

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