A Wardrobe Wishlist May 2016*

Do you ever just open your wardrobe and hate everything inside? This is me pretty much every day of my life that it’s no wonder I spend 90% of my time in my pjs! Every now and then I get to the point where I just want to sell the lot and replace everything. So today I’m sharing with you my current wardrobe wishlist. I doubt I’ll ever have the money to buy anything until I get to list everything I have to sell but it’s nice to dream, huh?

A Wardrobe Wishlist May 2016

Look at all those beautiful Spring colours, everything looks so fresh! I feel like that’s what my wardrobe needs at the moment, some key pieces that I’d feel like wearing every single day!

As I mentioned in my last wishlist, i’m really liking Disney themed t-shirts at the moment which is where this one comes into it. However this one is Peter Pan themed so I love it so much more. The colour is gorgeous and if there is anything on this wish list I could probably pull my money towards this would be it! It’s from an etsy store called Carousel Tees which carry other Disney related shirts, a lot of which are Disney Parks themed which appeals.

I’m really into Yumi clothing right now and House of Fraser has a amazing selection at such good prices. Both the cream dress and the skirt are from there and both are under £20! I love high waist skirts especially to go with t-shirts like the Peter Pan one, the blue is such a bright colour and the length is perfect too as I don’t like to be too indecent. The cream dress is incredibly cute and can be worn dressed up or casual, so important for someone like me who rarely goes out.

With the Spring weather it’s time to hang up my boots and embrace something a bit cooler (although we’re nowhere near sandals haha). So yay ballet pumps! Brantano has a great selection of pumps for the spring. I love ballerina pumps, they’re just that perfect combination of girlishness and practicality for a parent. We all need something we can run after a wild child in.

Another item I have my eye on for practical reasons is a rain coat from Joules, in particular this red raincoat. It’s completely out of my price range but every year they have something similar and I always lust over it. One year I’ll get a hold of it.

Finally, it’s been a while since I had some new Disney Couture jewellery, I absolutely love this Little Mermaid bracelet in silver, it would go perfectly with my current Disney arm candy.

What would you be looking to add to your wardrobe this Spring?

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