Creating the Perfect Barbecue Environment*

Thank you so much May for giving us a fair amount of time out in the garden. It really helped me see what needs to be done to the garden. As I mentioned in my Summer Bucket List, I want to spend more time outside and buy garden toys for Little Miss. But more importantly, I want to make the garden a place we want to spend more time. At the moment, it really is basic. My mum keeps on top of the lawn for me (she’s very green fingered, and I’m not) but that’s it. There is a lot of painting to do, and even decorating, you know I don’t like any part of my home not to have my personal stamp on! I want my garden to be the perfect place to have a barbecue, invite some friends over for good food, music and a few drinks.

Today I’ve put together a mood board of how I want my perfect barbeque environment to look like once i’m done. Fishpools has some amazing garden pieces that really helped me get started. I’m hoping showing it to my dad will inspire him to help, after all he does love when someone else is hosting a party!

Perfect Barbecue Environment

For starters, I need somewhere for everyone to sit. I actually have a raised area that is perfect for a table and chair set, but this rattan dining set would be the ultimate dream. Enough room for everyone! I love the neutral colours, the set would look good against all my turquoise woodwork (it’s going to happen!) I have a small picket fence dividing the patio type area from the grass which I really want to paint as well as the back fence and if Little Miss ever got a beautiful Wendy house i’d paint that too! Unfortunately, I think we’re aiming to get her a house like this one from Argos with the matching slide as it’s more practical if I ever move. That and I can’t afford one if I’m planning on doing the whole garden up! Kids toys are a vital part of a perfect barbecue environment as a parennt as you need to keep the children away from the hot coals. The most vital piece of kit is clearly the barbecue, to match my woodwork I’d ideally want a turquoise one which are apparantly hard to come by, so I’d settle for any of the kettle shaped ones. My dad had one when I was a kid and I always loved how it looked like a little alien.

Aside from the turquoise woodwork, I’d have to think of some other garden decorations such as waterproof bunting (which I had no idea was a thing until I googled it!) and some solar fairy lights for when the sun sets. Other vital items would be blankets (it’s England, if it’s not cold, it’s not a true British barbecue) and of course some plastic plates, I am in love with the Tsum Tsum ice cream range from The Disney Store, so reasonablly price and they’d definitely appeal to the kids.

How would you create your perfect barbecue environment?

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