Food Content // 15 Snacks to Boost Energy and Productivity*

I’m not the first parent to say this, nor will I ever be the last, but being a parent is exhausting, but you know what’s more exhausting? Being a working parent. I remember working 60 hours a week and I never felt as tired as I do when I’m juggling both working and my child. Of course I wouldn’t have it any other way and I do feel blessed to work from home but I honestly wish I didn’t have to drink a vat of coffee before and after the school run just to get me in the mood to work.

GoToMeeting have created this fab infographic with 15 snacks to boost energy and productivity, I’m going to have to give some of them a try. I got completely addicted to kale while out in Florida but I’ve not been brave enough to prepare it myself yet!

15 Snacks to Boost Energy and Productivity_au

How do you boost your energy to get through a day at work?

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