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As a mum of a little girl, I know just how fast kids’ tastes can change. There are some things they become obsessed with and hang onto forever. Then are those things they love for a brief period before they move on to something else. With their likes and dislikes always developing, it can be tough to try and keep up. Decorating their bedrooms is one of the things that can be hard. You don’t want to paint it blue, only for them to turn around and say they hate blue a month later. If you want to decorate your child’s bedroom, I have some excellent ideas for keeping it flexible.

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Use Temporary Decor
My top tip is not to use anything that’s permanent or semi-permanent. If it’s nailed down or will take a lot of work to replace or remove, don’t bother with it. For example, you might think about painting the walls or perhaps wallpapering. I think it’s more sensible to leave the walls neutral and use other things to add colour and character. For example, wall stickers look fantastic and can also be removed very easily. Buying picture frames from Best4Frames to hang some photos or illustrations is easier than painting onto the wall. You can change the frames and the images as often as you like and it won’t be any hassle.

Keep It Cheap
You shouldn’t have to spend a lot on your child’s bedroom, especially if they’re going to grow out of it soon. Fortunately, you don’t need to splash any cash to create a beautiful kid’s room. You can find both furniture and decorations for hardly anything if you look in the right places. If you do want to invest a significant amount of money, focus on the pieces that will last. That might be a bed or a desk, but keep in mind their size. Buying a bed for your eight-year-old that will last for years is an investment, but an expensive toddler bed isn’t going to last long.

Create Different Zones
No matter how old your child is, the room will have different purposes. A baby’s room will need a sleeping area and a changing area. Older children might need a quiet corner to do their homework, as well as somewhere to play. If you have enough space, you can create different zones in the room for these purposes. It can help to separate play and schoolwork from sleeping so your child can get a better night’s sleep.

Avoid Characters
Lots of kids latch onto their favourite characters from TV, books, and films. While they might hold onto them for years, they could also drop them within a couple of weeks. Try not to commit to any decor that’s related to characters, even if it’s something temporary. A Dora the Explorer wall sticker might not seem too bad until you’re having to remove it from the wall just a week after putting it up.

Decorating a kid’s room requires balancing your child’s likes with your practicality. You can create something that pleases both of you.

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