A Wishlist Wednesday – Summer Wardrobe Must Haves For Kids*

When you become a parent on a modest budget 90% of the time your child’s wardrobe becomes your main focus over your own. I don’t remember the last time I added anything of significance to my own wardrobe, but i’m always on the look out for things for LM. She has some beautiful items of clothing and I love sending her out in the world looking her best. Not only that but lets face it, it’s so much cheaper to buy something for your kid than in adults size!

With the summer months supposedly on the way (although it’s been absolutely freezing today) of course I’m thinking about Little Miss’ summer wardrobe must haves! We’re off back to Florida in October so ideally I want stuff I can take with us out there too as she’s grown out of 80% of the stuff from our last three trips. She really is (finally) growing!

I’ve put together a little mood board of some things that would be welcome additions to her wardrobe. I feel there is a nice mix of handmade and store bought as I do try to support small businesses as much as possible.

Kids Summer Must Haves

The main thing for me is making sure there is a lot of colour in her wardrobe. She suits colour (what little child doesn’t though!) but also have some practical pieces. The sweater and t-shirt are from Rocket and Rose, an online store Little Miss is a brand rep for. The t-shirt is very new, and I love it. Having bought some t-shirts prior to becoming a brand rep I can honestly say they wash so well and are so comfortable and practical for kids to wear. I love the funky prints, and there are loads for girls, boys an if you go gender neutral. Of course with tops you need shorts as we would like to see some sun this summer. The polkadot pair are from another amazing small business called Ginger and Ted, at the moment they’re out of stock of everything (if you look at the website you’ll see why) but they restock often and are constantly bringing out new styles. The polkadot pinafore is also from here, and I think it would be a perfect addition to LM’s summer wardrobe. The final items from small businesses are the pom pom bows from Mini and Minnie. LM has been lucky enough to receive a couple of these and she loves them! They’re so fun and perfect for when she’s not wearing anything to match her Disney bows to! They’re so well priced and perfect for summer.

For our trip to Florida in October she really needs a new bather, House of Fraser have some on offer at the moment making it easy for me to pick up a practical but cute kids swimming costume. On the flipside though it rains 75% of the summer in the UK so we really need to get her a new rain coat. I’m actually in love with this one by Hollie & Beau also available in House of Fraser. The horses change colour in the rain! And we could hardly have anything for Little Miss that didn’t feature something from the Disney Store! LM has been begging for the Frozen Fever sunglasses since we saw them in Florida in March and there is a matching sun hat, which is something else she needs for the summer as hers is too small. Both are currently on offer in the Disney Store.

Finally, footwear. This is something she really needs for the summer months as her feet have grown a size in a seriously short space of time. I absolutely swear by Livie and Luca shoes, her last pair have lasted her so well, they’re such a good investment and are comfortable for litties to wear from the word go. I was so sad that when I washed LM’s Princess Vans they faded, they’re the best “trainers” she’s ever had so I will be buying another pair in the near future so she has something to play out in, I really love these cupcake ones they’ll really appeal to her.

How will you be getting your little ones summer wardrobe ready?

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