Tech Content // Which Phone Case Are You?*

We now live in the day and age of the mobile phone. It’s crazy to think that so many of us now carry a tiny computer around with us on a daily basis. I have an iPhone and that’s essentially what it is. Nowadays I’d choose my phone over my laptop any day despite not actually liking writing anything longer than a text on it, it’s portable, works as a camera which is vital as a parent (lets face it, when don’t you want to take photos of your precious one?) you can keep up with social media, browse the web and lets not forget my personal favourite app, Instagram!

But lets talk protection. I now own an iPhone 5.. why? I completely obliterated the screen on my 6 to the point I could barely see what was on my screen. I sold it for parts and bought and older model. Ever since then I’ve opted for a much more pratical case, the wallet case so there is something always covering my screen! I just cannot justify a new phone when my contract is up for renewal in October!

To go along with that story, I’m sharing this fun infographic from Tech21 to help you decide which phone case you are! I got the animal case, duh!


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