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I’m really focusing on looking after my smile this summer. It’s getting warmer outside, my outfits are getting brighter, so I want a bright smile to match.


Some whitening products on the market are not only expensive and potentially dangerous, but they give your teeth a strangely unnatural look. Everyone wants white teeth, but there is such a thing as too white. When you glow in the dark, you’ve gone too far. To start me off with a whiter, brighter smile I’d feel much more comfortable going to professionals, such as the chic and cosy practice at Ollie and Darsh.

Then to keep your new smile white and bright, instead of throwing money at expensive and potentially harmful whitening products, take the natural route. I’ve found a lot of research around fruits and veg and their natural tooth whitening properties. Here are some of the top tips.

Summer and biting into a crisp, juicy apple go hand in hand. But it’s not only great tasting, but also great at keeping your teeth white. The high water content increases your saliva production, cleaning your mouth, preventing plaque build up and stopping bad breath. Plus crunching down helps keep your teeth and gums strong.

Who knew that strawberries are so good for you and your teeth, they contain malic acid which is actually a natural teeth whitener. It’s even been known to mash up strawberries into a paste with baking soda and brush it onto the teeth.

Dark greens
We’re always being told to eat dark green veg. The darker the green, the higher the concentration of healthy vitamins. They’re not just good for your health either, but also great for your teeth and gums, maintaining stronger teeth and protecting against gum disease.

Crunch on a carrot this summer. Paired with a good dip, you won’t even notice how healthy you’re being, plus, crunching down actually keeps your teeth whiter.  It increases the saliva production in your mouth and washes away bacteria, preventing cavities and keeping your teeth white and bright.

Ditch the sugary snacks in between meals. This is the worst thing for both your diet and your teeth. Almonds are a fabulous alternative, being low in fat and sugar, but high in protein and calcium, a great way to keep your teeth healthy and looking great.

Who knew that all this great food was also a great way to keep your teeth looking white, bright and healthy all summer long. For more tips around keeping your teeth looking great check out the blog from Ollie and Darsh. There are some fab tips there and even some fantastic offers for teeth whitening treatments. Perfect for getting your smile ready for all that summer fun.

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