5 Things That Annoy Me About “Adulting”*

Even though I’m now 28, I’ve come to understand that I’m never ever going to enjoy being an adult. I like living in a fantasy world in my head where I’m a princess and I spend all my money on going to Disney (it’s kind of half true). I like eating noodles straight from the pan, and living on iced coffee. I like dressing up and wearing bows in my hair. I also love taking a nap on a regular basis. I’m a kid at heart but in some ways I feel that’s made me a really great mum.

However, once in a while I have to do what the internet calls “adulting” and it’s not all fun and games. Yes, having a drink, buying all my own clothes and going on holidays are the up sides to this being an adult thing but there are so many things that annoy me about it and that’s what I’m sharing today! Because lets face it, we’re all blindly navigating ourselves through adulthood, we may as well stick together!

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Getting Paid Then Having Nothing to Live on After Paying Bills
Lets face it, there is nothing worse than working your butt off all month to get paid, then once all your bills are paid you have nothing left to really treat yourself with! This year this has happened so often what with the increase on everything from rent to gas, even the tv license and Netflix have yearly inflation. Of course being self employed I don’t get a wage increase and this means this year especially has been incredibly hard. Little Miss starts school in September and uniforms are expensive, I just feel I never have money anymore. I miss the days of £200 Topshop shopping sprees on pay day, having 15 MAC lipsticks just because I wanted them. Those early 20s of university and house shares where income is disposable doesn’t really feel like being an adult, so this is a real shock to the system!

Calling Companies and Being Put on Hold
I hate talking on the phone. I get really anxious so I avoid it at all costs however sometimes you just have to suck it up and call a company because you need to pay a bill or speak to someone about a broken appliance or even to set up something if you just move house. But for me, the biggest pet peeve is being put on hold. This can be such a lengthy, time consuming and frustrating process. Thankfully I recently discovered Contact Number UK that puts you straight through, skipping the queues and waiting times. This also keeps costs down with those 800 numbers!

Making New Friends As An Adult
One of the worst things i’ve discovered is trying to make new friends as an adult! Aside from work as an adult it’s so hard to meet new people. I tried it when I moved home from living in a city and I sucked at it, it’s one of the reasons I started blogging to try and meet like minded people. But as for meeting people in my home town? You can forget about it! It’s as harrowing as that first day of school.

When You Do An Online Grocery Shop & They Substitute
Is there anything more annoying than spending hours filling your basket with everything you need from the supermarket only for your order to arrive and half of it be missing or worse, substituted with stuff you don’t even like! As a single mother doing a shop online is so much easier than going to a store with the small child as she wants things we don’t need. But I hate when I end up with shopping I don’t even want! It’s like “if I wanted that I would have put it into my basket in the first place” I’d rather just have the money back without having to sign something! So frustrating!

Doing a Job That is Nothing To Do With What You Studied
As I mentioned above, being at university it’s like living in a bubble. You aren’t a child but you’re really not embracing adult life to the full. You spend 3 years and thousands of pounds studying for a degree to help you get a job you really want.. then guess what? You’ll graduate and there is an 80% chance you will not get the job you want or even in an industry connected to your degree! It’s so frustrating. I hate seeing so many of my friends struggling to work in the industry of their choosing even after putting all that time and money into the training you need. It’s annoying and job hunting really is one of the most annoying things about being an adult.

What do you find annoying about “adulting”?

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