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Although the world we live on has been here for some time, it has developed at different speeds. Different cultures and different nations have sprung up and, if you look at a world map from 1900, the borders and the countries are changed now. Even in 2000, there were places still waiting to become independent, new nations have been born since. The pace of change in this world has been highly dynamic.


With that said, history is to be found in the places that have been there for longer. Some place names may have changed – in some cases repeatedly – and old buildings may have been pulled down to build newer ones. But what usually remains is the monument to what stood before. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the United Kingdom, and that’s what makes it a place you should visit when you can.

The following are some examples of places to visit when you go – and if you haven’t been, you really should as soon as possible.

London, in general, is a spot that demands you visit. Although presently one of the global centers for banking and diplomacy, London manages to fuse history with future. Glittering skyscrapers at Canary Wharf dominate the skyline, yes. But closer to the ground are places like the Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and more. The amazing thing about London is how it, like Paris has managed to preserve its history while always looking forward.

Anywhere in Wales
OK, that may be an exaggeration. But people in the rest of the world tend to ignore Wales when it comes to planning a British tour, and that’s a real shame. If you like beautiful scenery or history, it’s a real treat. Castles dot the landscape and, in locations such as Cardiff or Caernarfon, they seamlessly form part of the towns and cities. It’s quite something to take a turn on a busy shopping street and suddenly see a castle on the horizon.

If you’re looking for a piece of British history, then there is no location where it is more dominating than at Stonehenge. Its significance is talked about by historians and non-historians alike. Again, like many of the UK’s historical landmarks, it’s just there. You can drive past it without being aware that you were just about to do so. However, it’s worth stopping and checking it out. Take the chance to compare Stonehenge tours, and see it in a way that does it justice.

These are just three ideas for a historical tour of Britain and the UK – literally, to list everything you might want to see would take a few books. But if you’ve ever wanted to gaze upon true history, then there is no better place to do so. It’s been lovingly preserved and, due to the size of Britain, it’s all close enough together to be traveled to in good time.

It’s also worth paying attention to some online reviews of tourist locations. If you’re making your own way to a place, it’s true that some locations aren’t visible from the road or the town in which they sit. In some places – though not those mentioned above – you’ll need to pay up front to even see the landmarks, so be aware.


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