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The right sunglasses can complete your summer look. Finding the perfect pair of shades can really complement your outfit and pull your whole look together. The right outfit can depend on a range of factors like the season, the particular occasion or time of day. Matching up the dress code with the occasion is vital, as is choosing the right eyewear.

My top picks all come from Tesco Opticians who have great prescription and non-prescription sunglasses and contact lenses for any occasion.

Casual Daytime Outings
Daytime casual outfits suit times when maybe you’re off to the shops, out for some lunch or even just for a walk in park when you need a good pair of shades. I, for one, like a fairly plain pair for a casual daytime occasion. These prescription wayfarer frames would go perfectly with a casual T-shirt and jeans combo. Or try these gold framed, Lipsy aviators, which are sure to add an air of cool glamour to any daytime ensemble.

Casual Daytime Outings

Dressy Daytime
Dressy occasions in the daytime during spring and summer need a beautiful pair of sunglasses to top off your outfit. This could be a christening, a garden party or a wedding perhaps. A dressier occasion warrants something with a bit more sophistication. I’ve picked two upswept frames that are very feminine. The first pair from Brink have a slightly bigger lens and a bolder shape. Whereas the Lipsy pair are subtle and chic.

Dressy Daytime

Casual Evening Occasion
These two styles are perfect for a summer barbeque or maybe a more casual house gathering. They are perfect for early evening when the sun is just starting to set. The Brink shades are super trendy, with a versatile shape that can be dressed up or down. I would pair these with a summer tea dress, or a casual shirt and shorts combination. The Carrera frames boast a unique shape which would be perfect to add something really special to your outfit.

Casual evening occasion

Dressy Evening
So the final sunglasses occasion of the summer would of course have to be something a bit dressier of an evening. For me this includes those lovely meals out on holiday along the beach front, or gazing at the sunset over the city with a few cocktails. These styles are that little bit more extravagant. The bold, square frames have the perfect essence of glamour that can be added to an elegant maxi or a more daring body-con dress!

Dressy Evening

If you’re a glasses wearer then don’t forget that all of our Brink Sun range are prescription sunglasses. Perfect for those of you who wear glasses but are still searching for stylish, affordable styles.

Contact Lenses
To combine perfect vision with elegant non-prescription sunglasses Tesco Opticians have a range of contact lenses too. You can order your contact lenses online right now as well as choosing your favourite sunglasses to be delivered to you.

Whether you need a crisp clear PureVision pair, or maybe a Multifocal lens, Tesco have everything you need. Book an appointment with them today to find the perfect eyewear for you, for any occasion. Why not book in for a free eye test or head to our Buying Guides for help choosing your favourite frames.

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