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Ah, summer is upon us, and that can mean only one thing – BBQ’s. There is nothing better than popping into the garden on a summer day and cooking up some of your most favorite alfresco treats. If you are raring to get your ‘outside chef’ on this summer, then you might be a BBQ expert already? If not, don’t worry, just read on for some good advice on how to get the best form the BBQ season below.

You have a weather proof BBQ solution
One of the most telling signs that you are an aspiring BBQ expert is that come rain or shine you have a way of getting it done. It might be that you have a gas BBQ with a lid so that your sausages can keep on cooking no matter the weather? Some of the more inventive solutions I’ve seen is to get the chef to grill under a golf umbrella, or even bring the food in and finish it off in the oven!

Another sign that you may be a BBQ expert is if you spend the majority of your time on Pinterest looking up new marinade recipes. Marinades are such a good idea for meat and vegetables because they can spice up any item of food. They impart both flavor and moisture, which is essential for BBQing.

It also means that you can split the food that you are cooking and have some with the marinade and some without. This is perfect for people that don’t enjoy spicy food like kids.


The butcher knows you by name
If you find that your butcher becomes your best friend during the summer months, then you probably pop in regularly for meat to BBQ. While you can get some lovely produce for the supermarkets, butchers often offer home made items that are particularly delicious. Burgers and good quality meat and sausages will taste great on the grill, so it’s always worth exploring what they have in.

Griddle pans
Another telltale sign that you may be a BBQ expert is if you don’t cook strait on the grill but in a high-quality griddle pan. Of course, you still get the smokey flavor as you are cooking outdoors. But you can control the cooking temperature of your meats items much more when using a pan, so it’s perfect if you like to serve your meat to rare. If this sounds like a good idea to you, be careful as griddle pan can be expensive. So get online and check out the best griddle pan reviews before you make your purchase.

You own long tongs
No BBQ expert would be seen dead without a pair of long tongs. These are essential for turning the food regularly while keeping your fingers far enough away from your heat source. You can buy them at or on Amazon.

Personalised brander
Of course, the mark of the real BBQ expert and connoisseur is the ownership and use of personal BBQ branding irons. These are long metal sticks that have a space to place your own combination of letters in. Then you can stamp your food, with your very own message like BBQ Feast 2016 or Brenda’s BBQ! They actually make a really good gift for the BBQ obsessive in your life!

You have a folder of side dish recipes
Do you have a folder in your kitchen of magazine clippings and hand scribbled recipes for side dishes that go well with BBQ food? Then it might just be that you are an aspiring BBQ expert!

If you haven’t quite got to this stage yet, then why not consider keeping a recipe card box, with hints and tips that you find on BBQ cooking sites like It’s a good way of keeping all your summer food ideas together. It’s easy to forget quite how to make your favorite dishes during the long wait of the British wintertime.

You have a lot of seating
Another sign that you are an aspiring BBQ expert is that you are all kitted out for summer alfresco eating. Do you have specially bought plastic tableware, table cloths, and enough gardens chairs to sit a school assembly? Then you’re probably heavily into your BBQ events.

It’s so important that you do have enough seating for the number of people that you are invited to attend. Some people even prefer to eat at a table so make sure you dot a few of those around too for good measure too.

Everybody end up at yours for a BBQ
If all of your friends and family would rather come over to yours than hold a BBQ of their own, it’s probably means then see you as the BBQ King. While it can be costly to cook for everyone all the time, it’s always nice to be appreciated for your culinary skills. Just make sure that you get them to pay you back with most diners come winter time.


You have a secret BBQ sauce
If you smother any food that is cooked on the BBQ in your own, finely tuned recipe of secret sauce then it’s likely that BBQ’s are serious business to you. If you haven’t yet come up with your own BBQ sauce recipe, try experimenting with different ingredients. Many are made up of tomato sauce, spices, honey, and even alcohols to get the required taste. Just don’t tell anyone what your exact proportions of ingredients are!

You have a BBQ box in the shed
If there is a waterproof plastic box in the shed, full of firelighters, sand, and briquets, then the chances are you are a serious BBQer.

Remember to have a good BBQ you must be able to get it lit at least an hour before you need to start cooking. It’s also a good idea to partially cook the food and then finishing off on the BBQ for a smokey taste. Blanch sausages and chicken breast or legs in water before grilling. This helps to keep them moist and ensure that they are cooked right through, so safe to eat.

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