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One of my favourite things about Disney becoming so mainstream is the abundance of creative people who are able to make more and more unique Disney products available to buy. As we all know Little Miss loves Peter Pan and Wendy but there isn’t that much merchandise available especially of Wendy and especially for children. If it wasn’t for these creative people and platforms such as Etsy, Little Miss wouldn’t have a Wendy dress, we would be seriously lacking in Peter Pan art work and we’d struggle to find shirts and accessories of our favourite character and film. Because of this I am a huge supporter of small businesses that specialise in creating Disney products, and one of these small businesses is Magical Things run by the sweetest Peter Pan fan I’ve ever met, Vivi.

Obviously I met Vivi through our mutual love of Peter Pan and I have been admiring her amazing hand painted clothes and accessories for a while, so when she offered to paint Little Miss a pair of shoes I was so excited! She’s incredibly talented so I knew this would be a real treat for Little Miss who has been admiring some of her friend’s painted shoes for a while. Most of the artists who offer this live in the States making postage as much as the shoes, however Vivi lives in Europe meaning she can cater easily to all of us Brits, HOORAY!

I couldn’t believe how fast she worked within the week from sending her some ideas she had the shoes in the post and after another week they had arrived safely. I couldn’t wait to give them to Little Miss.





Custom Handpainted Shoes* RRP €75.00, Magical Things Etsy Store

They arrived wrapped with a business card which is always a really professional look and made for some fun of opening and surprise when Little Miss saw what was inside. I only managed a few photos before she had them wedged onto her feet.

The art work on them and Vivi’s style is really pretty, I love the bright colours making them perfect for Little Miss. The paint is coated so it looks like it’ll take a lot to damage them, again so important when I know they’re going to get a lot of wear. On the front we have Peter and Wendy in their famous Wendy showing him what a kiss is pose, one side has “I’ll Always Believe In You” which definitely had me a little choked up as it’s something Little Miss so often tells Peter himself and on the back there is of course the second star to the right. My favourite bit however is how they’re completely covered in sparkles. Little Miss said it was pixie dust and now she can fly to Neverland to see Peter Pan. I really liked how I was able to give Vivi some ideas and then she went in her own direction with things, I love knowing that these will be unique, and I’m always about being unique.

Little Miss wore them all weekend and she didn’t get a blister meaning the shoes Vivi has painted on are of good quality too, very much worth the money on top of the time you’re paying her for her effort.

As you can tell in the below photos, Little Miss was overjoyed. She even cried when I told her she wouldn’t be able to wear them to school.




Not only can you purchse custom painted shoes from Magical Things but Vivi also offers handmade ears and custom painted backpacks, something I desperately want! I love the paint she uses and how bright the characters are, this is a backpack that would really stand out at the parks!

I’m super proud of Vivi for finally taking the plunge and selling as she’s really talented, I’m so pleased with Little Miss’ shoes and I know LM loves them too.

You can check out what else is coming to Magical Things on the instagram page.


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