TV Shows I’m Happy to See Back This Autumn*

I’ve made no secret of the fact I watch very little TV, this is mainly to do I do a lot of watching on my iPad when really I should invest in a TV for my bedroom, such as the Panasonic 4K TV, it would make me want to spend more time watching rather than playing on my phone, that’s for sure!

However, last week three of my favourite TV shows returned after their summer break, all with new seasons, and I couldn’t be happier! Anyway, first up;


Once Upon a Time
I have watched Once Upon a Time since the very first episode and stuck through it even when it was dropped from channel 4. I have endured it and I still get excited when a new season starts. I do feel the writers are seriously letting the show down and have made questionable choices over the last few seasons, but still, I stick with it because the whole premise of the show is right up the street. The references to Disney, the aspects of fairytales and some of the characters are wonderful, and even the storylines. Sadly I felt the season premier was weak and there was too much going on, but I am looking forward to seeing how it unfolds.


New Girl
New Girl is probably my favourite TV show ever these days. I love Zooey Deschanel and have since her Almost Famous days but I especially love Jess as I feel like I do identify with her (along with every other girl who considers herself a little quirky of course). I love the dynamics between the characters and the story lines. I also think Nick Miller is so funny, the episode with the popcorn maker sexual innuendos is possibly one of the funnies things I’ve ever watched on TV. I really hope Megan Fox leaves the show soon though, but even with her the show still makes me laugh. Definitely a mid week pick up.


Bob’s Burgers
I’m a sucker for a cartoon series, something funny I can just zone out too so over the summer I completely binge watched every season of Bob’s Burgers and I can honestly say this is one TV show that actually gets funnier. Season 1 I found all the characters annoying but by the last season they’d all grown on me making me really excited for the new season starting this week. Of the three shows that just started up again the season premier was the strongest and my favourite. I was actually sad that it didn’t work like a Netflix season and air everything all at once!

Speaking of Netflix I cannot recommend Stranger Things enough to anyone struggling to find something to watch! I also really loved The Shannara Chronicles, especially if you’re in fantasy. The boyfriend’s favourite TV show is BoJack Horseman, another Netflix series and I have to admit to really enjoying it when he had me watch it. Finally, Jessica Jones is probably one of the best series I’ve watched this year.

And of course, let’s not forget about the final series of The Great British Bake Off (as we know it anyway) currently airing!

What are you currently watching that you’d recommend?

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