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Having just come back from holiday this week, I have to admit I was relieved to see my house still standing with everything in tact. Leaving your home for any length of time can be worrying especially if you feel you have left anything of value behind. Not only do Little Miss and I often go away on holiday, but as I’m currently in a long distance relationship I’m away at least once or twice a month at the weekend. I feel blessed to be living in a good area of town, it’s residential near good schools so there is always someone keeping an eye, but you still can never be too sure.

Here are some quick tips to ensure your house is completely safe while away;

Invest in home insurance
It might seem like an expense you could do without but not only would home insurance protect you from burglary but it can protect against weather damage and even accidental damage such as floods and fire. The internet is a great place to get some home insurance quotes to give you an idea of the cost.

Give someone a spare key
Someone you trust obviously. My mum has a spare key so she can come up and feed my cat while I’m away. But even before we got Elsa she would come and check the house every other day. Not just from the outside but actually go into the house and have a look around to ensure everything is as it should be (and do any washing I hadn’t managed to do before going away!)

Have a light on a timer
If you’re worried about your house looking empty while you’re away you could always have a light on a timer so it looks like they’re is someone in. It comes on at a certain time of day and then goes off again. My Grandpa swore by this and even used it when he was in. That way in the evening it doesn’t look like the house is deserted.

These are just a few ideas, but if you’re worrying about your home while you’re away you really need to consider doing something so you can really relax while on holiday.

Chill have put together a handy infographic about home safety.


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