Christmas 2016 – Gift Ideas for Women*

Time for another gift guide! Tomrorow sees it as only 5 weeks until the big day, 5 weeks! With December shaping up to be a busy month now Little Miss is in school I’m sure it’ll just fly in.

Usually I do a gift guide for mums, a gift guide for female friends and a gift guide for sisters, but this time i’m just pulling them all into one bumper gift guide of ideas of what to get the women in your life (as I usual just do one big one for men in your life). Of course some of the items are more suited to a certain age, such as your sister or friends, where as some definitely scream “gift for mum” but I’m sure you’re all smart enough to figure out which is which.

In our house, my parents are always hardest to buy for, after almost 60 years they have everything and anything they don’t have they’re in a comfortable enough position to buy it for myself. Usually my dad is slightly more difficult to buy for but this year my mum has inched ahead! I pretty much had to hunt around their house for things she is lacking in. But I think I’m finally sorted and if anyone else is struggling on what to get their mum this year, hopefully this gift guide will help!

So here it is, Christmas 2016’s gift guide for the women in your life.

Christmas 2016 - Gift Ideas for Women


Obviously the first idea, the “Your My Favourite Pain in the Ass” is one for your sister. If you don’t feel that way about your sister, you’re probably doing being a sibling wrong (just kidding!) it comes from Chickadee who currently have a lot more “nicer” mugs on their website with inspiration from Grey’s Anatomy’s “your my person” but I personally love this one as it sums up my sister and I to a T (or tea haha).

If your mum, sister, female friends are more into beauty, some of my favourite things to get them are those Christmas gifts that are usually great value for money (and so much easier to wrap). My sister is obssessed with the perfect pout, she’s even had fillers! This is why the Bliss Fabulips set would be a perfect gift. My mum on the other hand is more about the luxurious body lotions, even in her 50s she still religiously moisturises daily (where as I only seem to remember after the bath). The Body Shop always have the most amazing smelling products at Christmas, and I’m a sucker for the Vanilla Chai this year. Finally, every year I excitedly wait for the Paul Mitchell gift sets to be revealed and this year didn’t disappoint. The colourful boxes will definitely appeal to all.

In my opinion, a Christmas gift should be something someone wouldn’t buy for themselves (unless it’s something they specifically ask for) like how my mum and sister always ask for slipper boots. This is probably why I seem to always buying my mum an expensive candle from somewhere like Amara which has the most beautiful luxury gifts. If I didn’t she’d only ever buy herself Glade. Or if you really want to splash out and really treat the person you’re gifting, why not a spa break? Who doesn’t want to be pampered?

A book is a timeless gift, and great if you’re really struggling. You could get something that relates to a hobby such as cooking or a new fiction book you’ll know they enjoy. Book stores such WH Smith always have great offers this time of year and often you can come away with a 20% off card for future purchases. Or if they aren’t a reader, why not a DVD? Although it’s not for me Me Before You seems a popular choice this Christmas.

Finally, if you want something really special and you have a much bigger budget, a Pandora charm is always timeless. I love this new Vintage Sky Charm, it’s so beautiful and would make a wonderful gift.

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