Blogmas 2016 Day 1 – My Christmas Wish List

Happy 1st of December! If you’re one of those humbugs who get annoyed at people talking about Christmas before December, well it’s December and the start of Blogmas! 24 days of Christmas related posts coming your way! Today I’m sharing my Christmas wish list.

I do one of these every single year and I’d say 90% of the time I get nothing off them and I don’t expect this year to be any different, however they’re fun to do, right? There is probably a few bits I may buy myself but since I know my little sister has bought me a lot of Lush, my parents are giving me money towards my Disneyland Paris annual pass and Little Miss is getting me a Tinkerbell Disney Tradition (because I sent my mum 4 different ones to choose from) and my best friend usually has her own ideas, I know that pretty much sums up everyone who’ll be buying for me! Like I said, I’ve had a lot of fun putting this together anyway, it’s a bit like window shopping, right?

Blogmas 2016 - My Christmas Wishlist

Hot Topic lovers in the UK I urge you to check out EMP! The Ravenclaw flannel shirt was on the Hot Topic website and I wanted it so bad then someone alerted me to the fact you can get it in the UK from EMP! I have two Disney ones (Peter Pan & Lilo and Stitch) that I adore, they’re so comfy to wear which is why I would love the Ravenclaw one to add to my collection, since I’m real proud of my Hogwarts house! They also have a Once Upon a Time one that I have my eye on. The Alice Funko Pop is also from there, this year has been all about Alice (since that was our theme for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party) so it only feels right I get her to add to my collection.

I’ve not read half as much as I wanted this year, however I did read The Cursed Child in the summer which is why I’m after the screen play for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I may as well ask for it for Christmas since I still haven’t seen it yet (fingers crossed for next week!) I also really want Anna Kendrick’s Autobiography. She’s probably one of my favourite actresses, a lot of the stuff she says it usually what I’m thinking so I’d love to check out her book.

It’s so very rare I spend any substantial amount on beauty these days but my Naked Basics palette is on it’s way out as it’s my go to for eye colour. I’d love to try Basics 2 as the colours look like something I’d wear on an every day basis. I’m really Urban Decay for eye colours and this small palette is the perfect size for carrying in my make up bag. I have the Tigi Bed Head Colour Goddess shampoo and condition and I LOVE the smell of them, as my hair is still recovering from all the bleaching earlier on this year I’m sure it would really appreciate Miracle Treatment Masque.

Aside from my phone upgrade, I never buy myself any tech, it just seems like such an extravagant purchase that I cannot justify no matter how much I want it which is why an Nintendo 2Ds with pre-loaded Pokemon Moon loaded onto it made this list. I love playing the Pokemon games, they’re so mind numbing and time consuming and a great way to waste winter nights. £89 for both is such a good price and I did nearly splash out on Black Friday, however I was sensible instead. I do regret it a little bit. I would also LOVE a new lens for my camera. My photography has come on so much over the last year and I do feel like I deserve it, but at almost £100 for the 50mm lens I’d like I just don’t have the spare money. A girl can dream, right?

And what would one of my wish lists be without some Disney Traditions? Although the Peter Pan Storybook is forever top of my list it’s been on wish lists for almost 2 years so I thought I’d share another two I’d like; Marie. This one in particular because it’s small and cute, just like my Elsa. And Tiana with Naveen. Tiana’s blue dress is one of my all time favourite Disney dresses, I love anything with her wearing it (like Aurora in her Briar Rose dress, Anna in her coronation dress and Ariel in her blue town dress).

Finally, I’m having serious withdrawals from my coffee creamer that I basically live on in the US. I would love a tub of French Vanilla and Caramel to tide me over until whenever I get back.

What would be on your Christmas wish list?

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