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I know a lot of people become interesting in photography when they become parents but for me, it’s always been a huge interest. When I was at uni I was always the one with the camera snapping memories for people who wouldn’t remember the night (often me). I always had a camera for every holiday, and not just my phone, a proper camera. A couple of years ago I invested in an SLR shortly before my first trip to Florida and it was the best thing I’ve ever got. I’m hoping to treat myself to my 3rd lens in the new year.

Because I take a lot of photos, it’s only natural that I want to share them with everyone, and although I do share them on the internet, I’m still a stickler for hard copies. My walls are adorned with photos of Little Miss and ones I’ve taken on holiday. There are some amazing services for printing online, my personal favourite is Snapfish and I’ve used it in the past to not only print out hundreds of holiday photos, but to make calendars and a photobook as a thank you for a friend. This Christmas they had some amazing gift ideas and today I’m going to share a few with you as well as an updated review of their services.



Slim Canvas Print from £17.99*

First up, one of my favourite ways to display something that’s timeless and I can keep up in my house all year around is on a canvas. The price starts at £17.99 for a 8×8 slim canvas and price increases as you choose to have a bigger size. I love the colours and quality of the finished item and this was delivered quickly despite it not being a simple print out. I ordered on a Friday and it arrived the following Wednesday making it a great last minute print. Despite the fast printing time it in no way scrimps on quality.

Also in the photo is our wooden table top photo panel which I got for Little Miss. On it are photos of all her friends in Disney and it’ll go in her bedroom after she opens it on Christmas day. I can’t believe how great value for money is as it only cost £9.99 for the 7×5 panel. It’s printed on wood with an acrylic front to stop it from getting ruined. It has 4 grooves on the back and a small wooden panel that slots in so you can stand it up. I think this a great idea and if it wasn’t going in LM’s room I’d be happy to have this in my sitting room.


Wooden Photo Panel from £9.99*



6×4 Photo Prints* from 7p per print

Every year I like to send out photos of Little Miss with my Christmas cards and this year is no different. In November I managed to get some gorgeous photos of her dressed as Belle that are perfect for Christmas. I go with the 6×4 size and slot then into my Christmas cards. I find Snapfish prints such good quality and good value for money that when I need to place a bulk order I never go past them.


12×8 Enlargement* from £1.45

As an extra gift for my mum I got her an enlargement to go in her frame. Her old one of Little Miss is a few years now so I know she’ll appreciate a new one.

Did you give any photo gifts this year?

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