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Christmas Night Out Outfit Plans*

I think on many occasion I’ve made it fairly clear I’m not someone who ever really takes part in the Christmas night out. Being self employed I don’t have a works night out and I don’t live in the same town as any of my friends so that rules out any nights of celebration. However this year my eldest cousin is visiting from Australia and she’s decreed we need a girls night out. My family consists of fifteen cousins, ten female and five male. Out of the ten, one of the girls lives in the US so she won’t be attending but instead two of the partners of my guy cousins will be making up the numbers bringing the total to eleven. Confusing? It always is with out family. This will actually be my second night out in 2016, my first was while I was in Florida back in March. So two nights out.. in a whole year. I figured I should make a special effort.

I’ve put together a collage of my current outfit and some ideas of what I’d love to finish it off although I’ll probably be looking towards the sales for that. Christmas is such an expensive time of year!

Night Out 2016

Being about 100 years old these days I will be armed with a coat and possibly a scarf. Gone are the days of a dress only in the middle of winter!

The only item I don’t have yet is the shoes as i’m still so undecided on what I want. Over the last 11 years I’ve had four pairs of shoes that have been my “go to” for a night out. First we a pair of black Rocketdog pumps, perfect for going to ska & rock clubs of my late teens. Then I had a black velvet pair from Topshop that cost a fortune, they had a bow on the front and were so comfy, they could be dressed up or down. When the sole fell of those I had a pair of heeled brogues that belonged to my sister, again they were fairly expensive as she had disposable income which as great as I wore they during a time of my life when I went out 3/4 times a week. The last pair could possibly survive this Christmas night out but they are looking a little shabby. I bought these just before falling pregnant and have served me for all occasions that have called for heels over the last five years. They’re shoe boots and are so comfy. They were about £20 from New Look too, bargain.

The shoes pictured above are actually from the teen section as I think they’re better suited to my small and narrow feet. There seems to be great services offered for those of us with bigger feet such as Wide Fit Shoes, but not so much on offer for the opposite which is why I’m thankful for stores such as New Look that do the Teen range. Fingers crossed my shoes of choice end up in the sale next week!

What are you wearing for your Christmas night out?

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