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With everything going haywire after Christmas Eve in hopes of the grand New Year celebration, a little relaxation is very important. That is why on these long winter nights- all you really want to do is wrap yourself up in a warm blanket while siting on your couch drinking hot chocolate and binge-watching your favourite TV shows. But then, there is a downside to this seemingly heavenly circumstance. The major one being you miss out on time you could have spent with friends and family. Not to sound clichéd, but Christmas is all about love and giving joy and I believe there are very few ways to give joy while you are holed up in your room watching TV.

Here are three things you can do to celebrate the end of 2016 in the comfort of your home that doesn’t involve a TV

Have Family dinners
Invite your friends and family to share meals with you this holiday season and see how your quiet dining is transformed into a reasonably loud and fun place.

Catch Up With Your Online Bingo Buddies
You have played online bingo a long time, but have you ever made an attempt to meet your online bingo buddies that you’ve known a long time now. This Christmas, you have the perfect reason to invite them over instead of catching up with them on  After all, they are your close friends too and you could get to know them better this way.


Bake Together
A festive season and baking go hand in hand. Ask a friend or relative to come along and bake with you. You can make anything from cookies to cupcakes. Make this week a joyous occasion and send your love to people you care about with baked delights, because after all, everyone loves a sweet holiday treat!

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