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Christmas Day 2016


Even though it’s been over 2 weeks since the big day, I still feel like I should put together a post about our Christmas Day. Of course the Christmas season was completely different to the one I’d imagined earlier on in the year and sadly now it’ll forever live in shadow of a break up. But we did the best we could with what we had and I know by putting on a brave face Little Miss had a wonderful day. She was completely spoilt as usual but she was very grateful and even announced “My mummy is very kind” to my sister and nephew. I possibly shed a tear in knowing i’m raising such a sweet kid, go me!

So here are some photos I managed to take, not as many as usual as I drank a fair bit, ate too much and was far too distracted with spending time with family! The majority were taking when it was just me and her opening her presents. And food, of course there are photos of food.






I never sleep well on Christmas Eve, I think I have the fear of everything going wrong or LM not enjoying herself which I guess ruins the excitement for me. So I was up about 7am, coffee in hand opening my gifts. I don’t get many because as an adult I don’t feel that’s what it’s about anymore. I opened Elsa’s gifts with her (she got more than me haha) before I had to wake LM at 8:45. If I hadn’t she probably would have slept until about 10am but as I knew my parents were coming up I knew that wasn’t an option. She got up and she was as grateful as ever. She opened her gifts from Santa Claus first, followed by the ones from me. She got everything she wanted.. her Star Wars gifts from Santa Claus, her Ariel doll, playdoh & lego from me. Just before 9:30am my parents arrived, my dad dressed as Santa Claus as per tradition.





My dad had brought her gifts he picked out himself, all Tsum Tsum related for LM and she also sat with my mum and dad to open some of the gifts they bought her which this year were Moana, Maui and Pua. They filled me in on what my nephew had got having been to see him first and then they headed home.

After they left I made another coffee and I had specially bought croissants for breakfast. LM and I ate and then we both got dressed. Christmas tops are mandatory according to my mum, yet she failed to wear hers! How rude. It’s fine though, I picked her a tee up in the sale so she can’t complain of being too hot next year haha. Just after 11am my sister arrived to pick me up so we could all go to my mums. She and my nephew were only spending an hour there as they were having Christmas at home but apparently Santa had left more gifts for them at my parent’s house. Of course he did!








After my sister and nephew left, LM sat and played with her new toys while watching some Disney Broadway Live show on the TV and I helped my mum in the kitchen. I set the table and helped organise who was eating what. Then I prepared the starter of salmon and rocket tossed in olive oil and lemon. It was so much better than I expected. Usually I make starter but this year my mum wanted something easy so we opted for smoked salmon. Best idea as it was so light that I was able to clear my Christmas dinner plate. LM skipped the starter but attempted a large plate of turkey, mash, sausages, stuffing and gravy. All washed down with Prosecco for my parents and I, and juice for LM. I did make dessert this year and it was my raspberry and chocolate cheesecake this year.

I was definitely feeling slightly on the tipsy side of sober so I sat with LM and my dad to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, filling them both in with all the useless knowledge I have about the movie until about 3pm when LM, my mum and I went to visit my Nanny. It’s always lovely to spend time with her now she’s on her own. We walked back to my mum’s and watched Up! I was still so full but I couldn’t say no to some more wine along with cheese and crackers. Then at about 6:30 my mum took LM and I back home where we both got into our pjs and into my bed together to watch Pokemon. I’m sure we were both asleep by 9pm haha.


It feels like an absolute lifetime ago, or that it never happened now. Maybe because it was such a chilled out day. I’m so thankful for my parents making an effort for us. It was a lovely day for what it was and I’m so thankful for all the love and gifts LM received.

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