Making Adventures Affordable with Groupon*

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With having such a popular Instagram account we do often get questions about how I can afford it as a single mum. And the truth is, with a lot of budgeting! I love to travel, I have always had itchy feet and nothing gets me more excited than planning an adventure for Little Miss and I, be it to Disney or else where. Our next trip is a weekend to London at the end of March and i’m so excited to get planning child friendly activities. This will be Little Miss’ first ever trip to London that isn’t to a Travelodge the night before a flight or train.

When I’m in planning mode I’m always on the look out for the best deal that makes what money we have go the furthest. This includes transport, where we’re staying and what activities we are going to be doing. Usually with Disney all our activities are included in the price of a ticket but of course doing a city that’s not the case. One of the places I always hit up when trying to save money is Groupon Coupons. I love that Groupon is a place that has ever changing offers from brands such as Zipcar that make my life so much easier, not just making travel and days out affordable but buying household products and I’ve even in the past be known to pick up bargain gifts when doing my Christmas shopping, like the Ray Ban sunglasses I bought for my ex that I can now sell on eBay ha.

If you are travelling on the budget I cannot recommend enough checking out the destinations available. These days not only can you get discounts on attractions, restaurants and accommodation through Groupon, but you can get whole trips, flights included! Perfect if you just want an escape!

Groupon is so easy to use too. There are no membership fees, you just sign up, select your Groupon and buy. There is usually an offer to get money off your first Groupon too.

If you’re planning a trip it’s always worth checking Groupon before you head away, you never know you could end up getting a bargain hotel and a discount on travel, along with coupons for restaurants and days out. Who said you can’t have a fantastic time on a budget?

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