Things to Think About When Throwing a 20s Themed Party*

Over Christmas I spent some time with my cousins. It’s very rarely we all get together as there are 15 of us, and 10 of those 11 have partners now, 26 adults in one house is pushing it a bit. But I did enjoy being with all the girls so much I feel like at some point this year I should push myself to host a proper party. Not a dinner party because I don’t think I know anyone with that big a table, but at least a party where we all get together, socialise and drink (responsibly, I never want another hangover again). And of course, the big draw for me is whether or not I can dress up, so if I was throwing a party, it would be themed. 20s themed. Think Chuck Bass’ club Victrola, 20s music, the threat of Phobitation, Gatsby.. The glitz, the glam, the jazz. Ideally this sounds like my dream 30th birthday next year…

ANYWAY, here are some of the things i’ve been thinking about in the planning stages;

20s Style

Well for me, the most important part is what I’m going to wear. If I don’t make the effort, who will? Something embellished, feathers, tassels, these were the sort of things that were high society fashion in the 20s especially in the US. I find Miss Selfridge always has a great selection of this style dresses. And don’t forget to the added touches, you could either hit up Accessorize or maybe go vintage, try Berganza for a selection of beautiful antique rings. I can honestly say the times I’ve dressed 20s are probably some of the few times I actually felt attractive.

My family are big on food. Even when we met at my Aunt’s before going out there needed to be “picks” but of course picks aren’t very in keeping with my theme so I’d be thinking about canapés. In a dream scenario there would be people circulating with trays but realistically I’ll probably just serve them in the kitchen. Little bites that don’t require the theme destroying paper plates. Thankfully I’m not a bad cook so I’d be able to make them myself but I’d definitely be using Pinterest for inspiration!

20s Party Decor

Decoration & Music
If you’re going to throw a theme party you need to think about ambiance. No point everyone dressed up to the nines then sitting in your lounge watching Saturday night tv! Cover any furniture in dark coloured throws. Exchange your light bulbs for those red ones. I’d say light candles but candles and alcohol never mix so why not pick up some of those battery powered ones and hide them in side decorated jars? They’ll still give the flickering light affect but they won’t take away from the atmosphere you’re trying to create!

As for music do your research. Watch movies set in that time and try and pick up the soundtrack, movie soundtracks are relatively cheap to download.

As it’s probably clear from my blog name, I’m a bit of a sucker for cocktails which would be the only thing I’d serve (much to my male cousin’s dislike I’m sure. Thankfully during prohibation the cocktails were more sidecar and less woo woo, and that alone I’m hoping will win me some points on the alcohol side. Again, I’m a bit of a dab hand at mixing due to my years working behind a bar so this wouldn’t be a daunting task for me. In fact I’ve done it at a few parties and they’ve always gone down a treat. Even though a mojito doesn’t appear to be a 20s classic I wouldn’t be missing my personal favourite out. These days you can even get some awesome plastic glassware so my drinks will still look great but won’t cause chaos if dropped.

Of course, like most of my good ideas this may only stay in the planning stages, or I’ve just thrown out some ideas for anyone thinking of throwing me a 30th next year.. hint hint!

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