Birthday Wishlist 2017

Four weeks today is my 29th birthday. It’s become a tradition that isn’t of celebrating Valentines Day, I post my dream wishlist for my birthday on the 14th February. I say dream because I rarely get anything off it but wishlists are fun to put together, right?

I don’t know how I feel about turning 29, it’s the last stop before 30 and I still remember being a year off 18, and then 21, I’m really not ready for another milestone, especially when I do not feel like I have my life together enough to be turning 30. But hey, still another year and 4 weeks off that date and hopefully by then I’ll be counting down to another Florida holiday just like I was doing last year.

So if I had a million friends, or a boyfriend, or a massive family these are the sort of things I’d be hoping for come the 14th March;

Birthday Wishlist 2017

As usually everything is Disney and Harry Potter related, what an absolute surprise, not. What can I say, I like what I like!

Starting with Harry Potter. I saw on Truffle Shuffle’s Twitter this Harry Potter sweater and I instantly knew I wanted it. I have a couple of Harry Potter sweaters I wear religiously and this one would be nice to add to my collection. The quote is definitely so important during this time of political unrest and it would do everyone well to remember it. I really want the Luna Lovegood Funko Pop, she’s my favourite Harry Potter character and i’m hoping later on in the year I can take LM to do the Harry Potter studio tour dressed as her. Last time we went she hated it, so wish me luck!

Now onto the things that fall into the “other” category, books and Lush. I must be the most predictable person on the planet. I’m all out of Lush and I loath ordering online so I just need to hold on until I go to a store or hope I get some for my birthday. I only really use the bath products, bubble bars, bath melts and bath bombs. Anything that smells good and leaves my whole house covered in glitter for days.

I like pretty books, I’ve been after the A Little Princess one for ages, it’s one of my favourite stories from childhood along with Little Women and The Secret Garden. I have both of these already and I just need this one. Although I have 3 editions of Peter Pan, I just really love this one.

Now onto Disney. Oh my god have you seen the new Disney Couture Beauty & the Beast range? It’s so beautiful! I’m really into rose gold at the moment and the jewellery I seem to wear the most is bangles, so obviously my favourite piece is the “Tale as Old as Time” bangle. And on the same note, the rose gold Alice in Wonderland bangle, I especially love the contrasting gem. Now that I have an Annual Pass for Disneyland Paris I would love something to keep it in when we’re at the park, this Minnie Mouse ID holder from the Disney x Cath Kidston collaboration would be perfect. Speaking of Disneyland Paris, this Minnie Mouse blouse is the cutest and my aesthetic. I would love it to wear on our next trip. I have wanted this Wendy broach for ages but with the shipping from the US it’s just too expensive to justify buying it myself, it is beautiful though! And finally a Peter Pan tradition. I still want loads but only ever get one or two a year, but this one is heavily reduced right now so it would be rude not to include it!

Aside from the Vanilla Coffee Mate I didn’t get anything off my Christmas wishlist last year so I may ask for something off there. But lets face it, I’ll probably get money that I’ll use to go on holiday.

What are you currently wishing for?

Since putting together this post I’ve bought the Harry Potter jumper with some Truffle Shuffle credit I have. I love it so much and I 100% recommend you buy it if you’re a Harry Potter fan!

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