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In my ways I’m so thankful my parents are hoarders, my dad more than my mum and this 100% applies to stuff that belonged to my sister and I. The attic at their house is like a museum of childhood and every time my dad is on holiday he insists he’s going to sort it out. I know somewhere there is a huge box of all my classic novels like Little Women, Alice in Wonderland, The Wind in the Willows that I collected as a child. There’s also so many plush toys from the Disney Store i’m sure I could make a fortune on eBay. Somewhere there is replica Cinderella Castle I got for my 3rd Christmas, Barbie dolls with about a thousand dresses and even a beautiful Mamas and Papas doll pram that belonged to my sister. Because my dad was so hard on us about looking after toys they’re all still in amazing condition and hopefully Little Miss won’t be too old by the time he gets his butt up there to look.

She does have some toys that belonged to us as kids already, things that my dad accidentally came across when getting down the Christmas tree, or things that just never made it into the attic in the first place and I have to say she gets as much pleasure from them as she does from anything I buy her new. Here are some of her favourites;

Cocktails in Teacups Disney Life Travel Parenting Blog Childhood Toys My Daughter Still Plays With Misfits

Misfits Game
I LOVED this game as a kid. Look how battered the box is? When my mum unearthed it from the top of the built in wardrobe I immediately snapped it up for LM. It’s a great game that works well with only two people so it’s something we can play together. It reminds me a lot of those Orchard games which are popular now (we have about 5 at my mum’s house as they’re so educational and fun). Little Miss finds it hilarious and she has definitely got as much pleasure out of it as I did as a kid, I’ve even caught her playing it alone.

Cocktails in Teacups Disney Life Travel Parenting Blog Childhood Toys My Daughter Still Plays With

This red tub of Lego my sister got for her birthday years ago and the reason it’s so full is because my parents topped it up with Lego bits that belonged to my dad! Both Little Miss and my nephew have had hours of fun with this tub and it’s amazing to see what different things they build. My dad loves having my nephew around to build fight jets, guns and pirate ships with where as Little Miss builds the exact same things my sister and I did, little houses for her figures haha. Nothing much changes when it comes to Lego although LM does have a vast collection of Disney Lego up at hour house now, that stuff is not cheap!


Disney Tiny Collections
Even though as a kid I HATED my dad being constantly on my back about looking after our toys, in hindsight I am so thankful as Little Miss now has a beautiful collection of Disney Tiny Collections. Back in the 90s & early 00s, Disney released these Polly Pocket style toys from popular movies and as we were Disney mad my sister and I had a great collection which now belongs to Little Miss. They’re all in amazing condition, pretty much have all the people and LM gets hours of fun from them. She still plays with them in the same way as we did, making a little village on her bedroom floor, but she doesn’t have to share them like I did haha. They’re so rare to find these days but I’m ever hopeful about adding to them for her.

Although vintage toys have the nostalgia factor and I do adore seeing LM playing with things I enjoyed as a kid, there are some just as fun toys available on the market. Just watch this video;

It’s always such fun to look back. Aside from hating school I was lucky to have a great childhood and it’s fun to incorporate some of that into Little Miss’ own. She’s even getting use out of some of my old clothes! Thanks mum and dad for hording so much stuff over the years!

Do you still have any of your toys from your childhood? Will you be passing them onto your children?

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