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Park Bound Fashion Ideas*

Today is 61 one days until we head back to Disneyland Paris. We’re going for 3 nights again meaning we have 1 evening, 2 full days and extra magic hours on our last day to enjoy ourselves. The weather should be warmer which of course means planning some outfits not just for Little Miss, but for myself (I could only afford one set of thermals for January and I chose to buy them for her) and I’m pretty excited about this! In January although I did have some form of Disney clothing on every day you couldn’t see it for my coat so it was all stuff I already owned, but this time I’ll hopefully get by with my leather jacket which I can leave open to really show off my outfit.

Because of this I’ve been browsing the internet for stores in the UK where I can pick up some bits and pieces to put together a few pretty outfits. Maybe there will finally be some nice photos of me at Disney, but hey.. I say this every time!

I’ve put together three outfits, I’m not saying this is what I’m wearing, but it’s certainly a step off point!

Park Bound Outfits

Although I did say above this isn’t exactly what I’ll be wearing, I do have the Eleven Paris t-shirt & the black pinafore. Not that black pinafore but a similar one and I love it. It’s one of my favourite outfits even if the pinafore isn’t the most flattering shape when I sit down. I would definitely pair it with some Mickey Mouse head tights from Primark and some sequin bow minnie ears from Luby & Lola (I love her ears, such a good price!)

The second outfit is inspired by Ariel, I mean I had to now I’m back to being a red head! The button is from one of my favourite online stores, Parkbound run by Casey. I lost my last Ariel button so it only feels right that I should replace it. I’d probably pop it on my backpack. I found this great Mermaid Academy sweater on eBay, I really want to get it in white and black and burgundy aren’t particularly mermaid like colours. Plus the white goes with this gorgeous tulle skirt from Boohoo. I love a bit of tulle and it’s a similar colour to Ariel’s park dress. Finally I’d finish the look off with a bow from Closet Geek, I just love the little dinglehopper on it, so original!

Last outfit is Stitch inspired and it’s mainly built around my love for the striped Stitch sweater I found on my favourite Disney resource, EMP. I love the Breton style stripes and colours, perfect for spring. Worn along with this skirt that is completely amazing because IT HAS POCKETS! And finished off with some Lilo & Stitch ears I found on etsy.

A final mention, I will totally be investing in some comfortable ankle boots that offer some support and comfort like the ones above. I bought a cheep pair before my last trip and I think I messed up my hip as it still aches 4 weeks later. They were the kind that has a smaller sole that the size of the boot, so uncomfortable! Comfy footwear is top of my must have for our next trip!

What sort of thing do you wear when you’re park bound?

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