5 NYC Tourist Hot Spots Worth a Visit*

You might remember that a couple of weeks ago I shared My 5 Must Dos in New York City? And I thought today I would expand on that since I’m still really missing the Big Apple. Not all the places I listed were particularly tourist for people having that “one off” trip. So today I’m elaborating on that sharing my 5 favourite tourist hot spots of the many that are on Manhattan and the immediate surrounding area. Despite having had three trips I still haven’t visited them all, but in my opinion these 5 are worth a visit.

The great thing about visiting NYC is that there are passes available such as the Vacation Pass where you pay one price and have access to many great attractions. It includes not only the main attractions but an assortment of museums and tours.

So these are my top 5 NYC tourist hot spots that are worth a visit on your trip;

Brooklyn Bridge
There are a lot of bridges that connect the mainland to Manhattan isle but the Brooklyn Bridge is probably the most iconic from it’s structure to the fact it’s featured in pretty every single movie set in New York City. It’s 100% worth a walk over and it’s one of the few free tourist attractions in the city. You can walk right down the middle as there is a pedestrian footpath. You’ll definitely feel in awe as you pull away from the skyscrapers of down town and look to your right to see Lady Liberty in the distance. It’s one of my favourite walks in NYC next to the High Line and a must do if this is the only time you’re visiting the Big Apple.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
For Gossip Girl fans the Met steps are famous but even if you aren’t a fan of the cult TV show like I am, the Met is probably my favourite museum in the city. It’s spacious, airy and filled with some beautiful pieces of art. I’ve been twice and I always feel so incredibly cultured while there. Not only that but it’s got a fab roof terrace with beautiful views of the city and Central Park.

Top of the Rock
Controversially, I much prefer the top of the Rockefeller Centre over the Empire State Building if you’re only going up one sky scraper on your trip. I love the view, the viewing platform itself, the lift and the fact there is as Starbucks under the building itself which is great for wifi and coffee to settle your nerves. If you go in winter Rockefeller also has their famous Christmas tree and ice rink which I will one day see for myself. For Tina Fey fans it’s also the building the fictional Girly Show is supposed to have filmed in for the series 30 Rock.

Natural History Museum
Since I wanted to visit the Met, my now ex who I went with for our 21st birthdays wanted to visit the Natural History Museum and I actually really enjoyed it! We’d visited the one in London two years previous but the one in NYC focuses a lot on American history as well as world history. Not only that but there are a fair amount of exhibits that appear in the famous movie Night at the Museum! When we went we hadn’t seen it yet but promptly watched it when we got home, it was so fun seeing exhibits that we’d had our photos taken beside while at the museum.

World Trade Center Site and Millennium Tower
9/11 shaped the history of NYC forever, so on our first trip I felt it was so important to visit Ground Zero. Back then they’d only just broken ground on the new tower and you could still see a lot of rubble from the World Trade Centre. It had a profound affect on me and I did cry. We also visited a church directly opposite when all the memorial flowers, banners and gifts were now on display. It was the only time I’ve felt the presence of God. This church was unmarked despite two giant sky scrapers collapsing over the road. I have since been back to visit the Millennium Tower which now stands in it’s place. You can’t miss it and is definitely proof that you can rise from the ashes.

I’m hoping to get back to NYC in the next few years with Little Miss so I will be revisiting some of these with her such as Top of the Rock, Brooklyn Bridge and the Natural History Museum which is an exciting prospect! I hope she loves the city as much as I did but right now she’s happy getting to know London.

What are your favourite tourist spots in NYC? Or which ones would you most like to visit?

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