A Wednesday Wishlist – Sprucing up the Lounge*

It can’t only be me who gets the urge to decorate in the Spring? Maybe the house just looks more drab once the sun starts shining nearly every day. Today I dusted and hoovered my lounge and even though I cleaned every surface the place still looked like it needed a freshen up. In July I will have lived in this house for 4 years and the lounge hasn’t seen any drastic changes since the paint job we did before I moved in. It still has curtains that don’t quite cover the windows when closed, the sofa was second hand and now it has obvious marks from having a kitten and a toddler in the same house. There is only so much a new scented candle can do before you really have to consider a full over haul. And that’s the point I’m at now.

Although at the moment travelling takes precedence over decorating, I’ve put together a wishlist for my dream lounge. Maybe one day when I have two incomes, I’ll be able to get the holiday and the dream house!

Sitting Room

My sitting room is made up of cream walls and a chocolate colour carpet, I really like both of them. The current scheme is cream and green which is what I’d change. I’d go for more a mink colour and add hints of colour (probably still green as it looks nice with the mink and brown.) It’s quite a small room so the cream opens it up.

The main thing that really needs upgrading is the sofa. Ours is well worn and was bought second hand. I’d love something new now my daughter is past scribbling on everything in site and my kitten is now a lazy cat. Fishpools have an amazing selection of sofas and after browsing I have decided I’d love the sofa featured above. My ex has a fabric corner sofa and I loved it. It was perfect for napping on and curling up on during colder days. I loved that we both had to sit together and that’s something I seem to prefer with Little Miss. The colours are gorgeous too.

Next up would be replacing my curtains. My current ones are also second hand, they used to hang in my sister’s lounge when she had a flat. They’re too small for my window so when they’re shut there is about a 3cm gap at the bottom. I’ve always wanted to replace them so if I was sprucing up my sitting room they’d be one of the first things to get replaced. Dunelm Mill currently has a great sale on and I love the colour of these curtains, they’re so easy to hang too with the eyelets. Dunelm also have a matching rug. Despite having a carpet I love having a rug in front of the fireplace, it gives the room a nice focal point.

Speaking of focal points, a lot of people have their TV as a focal point these days but I always choose to have it in a corner. Sadly my TV unit is falling apart having only been a flatpack from Argos that my mum and aunt put together while far too hyper to concentrate. Very have a well priced already assembled set of three pieces of furniture; a nest of tables, a corner TV stand and a sideboard, all in oak which matches my bookcase.

Finally, my sitting room badly needs a face lift and although usually I feel like a new candle and fresh flowers can transform any room, I think this time I need a bit more. However, as a finishing touch I would definitely want one of the Flamingo Candles Mermaid Shack ombre candles. I bet it smells divine!

What room in your house really needs a Spring spruce up?

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