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Disneyland Paris – Auberge de Cendrillon 25th Anniversary Menu Review

During our October 2015 trip to Disneyland Paris, Little Miss and I ate at Auberge de Cendrillon. As it had been a good 18 months since our last visit, I booked to go again this April as a special treat. This time I dined from the special 25th Anniversary menu and I thought I’d review what I had for you today, and compare the experience with a 3 year old to a 5 year old.

Disneyland Paris April 17

Starting with the characters. Recently the line up has changed from 3 princesses, a prince along with Suzy and Perla (Cinderella’s mice friends) to 3 or 4 princesses & the mice during the lunch shift and 3 princesses, Princess Minnie and the mice. I was sad at first as I loved that you could meet a random prince, it was something unique to Disneyland Paris’ character dining. However, having dined there now I still think it’s great with the new line up and I’m a little bitter we ate at lunch and missed the chance to meet Princess Minnie!

Our reservation was for 2pm and we were seated promptly then. The princesses we had were Aurora, Rapunzel, Snow White and Cinderella, along with Suzy and Perla of course. Before we’d even ordered everyone had descended on our table and left which was a little bit disappointing but I guess it couldn’t be helped. Luckily the restaurant was only half full by our main courses so the princesses made their way back for more hugs, and Little Miss even managed a game of hide and seek with Rapunzel (I’ll attach the video to the bottom of the post). Rapunzel and Aurora were my personal favourite this trip along with Suzy and Perla. We’d met them during Early Magic Hours and they remembered Little Miss, which always brightens her day.

Auberge De Cendrillon 21/04/17


Auberge De Cendrillon 21/04/17




The rest of the photos from our lunch are on my Flickr.

The 25th Anniversary Menu is a set menu for the same price as the standard menu, 75e per person. It includes a starter, main and dessert and I decided to go for it as I liked the look of all three items, where as the main menu I’m never keen on any of the mains. For starter you get half lobster served on a warm bed of leeks with champagne sauce, how decadent! For main, grilled fillet of beef with star shaped polenta and truffled juice, this comes with similar veg to all the other mains. Finally for dessert, praline chocolate crunch with milk chocolate ganache. There was also the standard cheese puffs and bread basket, along with complimentry non-alcoholic cocktail.




Personally, the starter was my favourite. I love seafood and it’s such a treat to have lobster. The creamy champagne sauce and leeks went perfectly together, especially when you dip the warm bread into it. I could have ate it as my main. Lobster is a great dish and one of my favourite as it’s a lot more meaty than fishy which is why I struggle with crab unless it’s in a cake form.

The main was the biggest disappointment for me. It wasn’t the portion size as I go into ADC knowing it’s A La Carte and you do get a decent fillet of beef, it was the fact that I ordered medium and it came well done. I was so hungry I ate it and it was fine also long as it shared my fork with the truffle juice and polenta but it wasn’t what I ordered. Yes, I could have sent it back but I hated the idea of LM waiting because I was being fussy. The veg was a completely let down too, I ate the mushrooms and left the rest.

The dessert was delicious but incredibly filling. Don’t let the blue put you off! My favourite part was of course this mini macaron which was created to perfection, but what else would you expect when you’re in France? I didn’t finish it because I was just too full but I definitely though it was a million times better than Cinderella’s filled shoe you get on the main menu.

While we were waiting for our bill a manager came over to hear about our experience, unfortunately her English was incredibly limited. I was pretty sad about this, not because I feel people should speak English while in France, I have no issue with that. But I feel in a member of management is going to come around asking a restaurant they should be able to at least understand English as it’s a common language most people speak. The table behind us were a family from Spain and spoke Spanish to each other but when they spoke to the server and princesses they spoke in English. My French is incredibly limited and although I have enough to be polite, I couldn’t explain to someone in French what was wrong with my steak. It just seemed unfortunate that someone sent to find out what people thought about the food and their dining experience probably didn’t understand what 50% of the diners were telling them.


Over all, it was another great meal. Was the food worth the money? No, probably not. 110e for both LM and I is a lot. Was it worth it for the character interaction? Of course! Little Miss felt like a princess and was treated like one. Once she’d finished eating (one spoonful of pumpkin soup, 3 forkfuls of spaghetti and a chocolate Cinderella for 45e, ouch) she played happily as we had a lot of space around our table and the princesses happily joined her. The 110e is for the memories we made that day, I doubt in a few months we’ll ever remember what we ate. Last time we went LM just shared with me. She was quiet and still fairly new to character interacting. She was still very much in awe of the princesses and all she seemed to do was hug them. In comparison taking her 18 months later at the age of 5 was a completely different story. She disappears into her own little world with each interaction. She’s happy to ask them questions and play games. For me, with her now being 5, it seems much more worth the price. The intimate setting without the need to queue is perfect and makes the meal more enjoyable for her even if she isn’t eating. The only problem now is she wants to eat there every day on every trip! Dream on little princess!

Have you tried Auberge de Cendrillon yet?

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