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Building your dream home from scratch can be just that for many people; a dream. Perhaps one day it might happen. But for the majority of us, we have to work with what we’ve got and renovate to get things just as we want them. Other than cost, the upheaval of the home can be enough to put enough people off. Why put yourself through something disorganised and stressful if you don’t really need to?

The good news is that renovating your home doesn’t have to end up being a super stressful time with work people in and out of the home, as well as being cut off from things like running water. It can be hard to escape the anxieties that might come with a big renovation like a kitchen or bathroom renovation. But it is possible to reduce the stress that comes with it. So here are a few ways to help you to reduce the stress of a home renovation; your dream home won’t be far away after all!

Be Realistic
You do have to be realistic when it comes to your home renovation. You do have to face facts that a small kitchen is never going to fit in an island or a breakfast bar, for example. So take your time to look through magazines and online sites to see what you like and what will realistically work for you and your home. The same goes for a small bathroom. It might not ever be able to have a freestanding bathroom and a separate shower, but you could definitely go for one over the other.

Shop Online
To save time and stress, it can be quite easy to shop online for the things that you need for the renovation. Sometimes the thought of just going to the DIY store can bring you out in a cold sweat. They can be pretty overwhelming. When you shop online, you won’t impulse buy as you’ll just be looking for what you need. They will have all of the specifications so you can measure up and take your time. You could buy your bathroom online from Bathroom Takeaway, for example, and easily measure up how much space you’d need for the bath or sink. If it saves time from having to go to the store over and over again, then it has got to be a good thing, right?

Avoid Flat Packs
Using flat pack furniture can seem like a good idea in the beginning, it’s cheap and surely even a monkey to put it together. Sadly though 9 times out of 10 they end up being more trouble than they’re worth. To reduce stress try to buy real wood furniture that comes pre-made up and will last for many years. I’d love a gorgeous oak bedroom furniture set.

Plan a Budget
The cost of a renovation can be the thing that can lead to stress. So you need to plan your budget wisely. Take time with a contractor, unless you’ll be doing it yourself, to get their expert opinion on how much it is going to all cost. The same goes for your materials. Be specific and perhaps even overestimate. The costs are much less likely to spiral out of control if that is the case.

Move Out Temporarily
If it is possible, then moving out temporarily is a good idea. It can be hard to live in a renovation environment, especially with kids. So if you can stay with family for a couple of says, then it will take the stress levels out in a big way.

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