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A Wishlist Wednesday – Kids Summer Wardrobe

Over the Easter holiday I cleared out both my wardrobe and Little Miss for any clothes we never wear or are too small for us now. Ever since LM went to school it’s became clear the sort of the thing she likes to wear and doesn’t so I figured I may as well sell on the extra as she only gets to wear her own clothes twice a week now. On a Saturday she usually wears leggings, t-shirt and a cardigan as she has drama class in the morning. In the afternoon I usually let her dress up or she keeps the same clothes on. On Sunday she always wears one of her handmade dresses. She seemed to have collect a surplus of Next dresses that I’d randomly picked up in the sale and Disney Store t-shirts she never wears as she favours her Rocket & Rose quote tees. So on eBay they went! Along with all the clothes i’ve been desperately clinging to for the last 5 years, hoping I’ll be skinny enough to wear again. But lets face it, I’ll never be pre-baby size again.

One thing I noticed is that pretty much all LM’s summer clothes from last year no longer fit and this is something I need to sort out before the weather warms up. Up here we seem to get one warm week in May, one in June, on in July and one in August and that constitutes as our summer.

So today I’ve put together a wish list of some things I’d like to pick up to bulk out her summer wardrobe. Lets face it, she’s a lot more stylish than I am!

Little Miss Summer Wardrobe

Little Miss Summer Wardrobe

From the first glance there is a lot of pink and a lot of pale denim. Pale denim is my favourite for the summer and pink is LM’s favourite colour so I think it’s a fair compromise.

As I mentioned above my daughter has a fair few t-shirts (and sweaters) from Rocket and Rose. I love the style of t-shirts and they’re so comfy for LM to wear even in the Florida heat. The glittery font is also right up LM’s street. She has a couple of Disney inspired quotes, super heroes and even a My Little Pony tee. I LOVE the unicorn tee I’ve featured above, LM is obsessed with unicorns to the point i’m even considering adopting her one. I’ve also picked out a pink dress from Ginger & Ted, another small shop I found on Instagram. I LOVE the style of clothing and have lusted over pieces over the past year. I feel like I’m finally ready to take the plunge buying one as I want to see how it fits. One of my closest friends is getting married next summer and I want to get a dress similar to that style for LM to wear. I also love the rompers, great idea for a girl who feels the need to roll around and flash her pants to everyone.

Teaming both of these items with denim is a must. I love LM in a denim jacket in the summer but her old one was 18 months to 2 years so it really was too small. I love this frill one from Next. The shorts remind me of the ones I used to wear in Brownies 22 years ago. I LOVED them. They were like skirts but also decent which would be great for LM when she’s out playing in the summer. They’re a bit more expensive than I’d normally may but I think they’d look great in winter with a pair of tights underneath.

The thing LM is most lacking at the moment is summer shoes. My dad bought her a pair of trainers which she wears to drama and at the weekends but I want something a bit cooler and something a little more dressy for the summer months to come. As we live right near the beach, sandals are a must. If it’s mild and sunny during the summer holidays you can guarantee we’ll be on the beach. I’m desperate to get her a pair of Teva sandals, the blue ones are so cute and I love the flamingos. Such good value for money too. I also swear by Livie & Luca footwear, LM is on her second pair of shoes and first pair of boots and I cannot tell you how perfect they are for Disney and walking in general. So comfortable and so well made. I miss LM’s white shoes that she walked mines in across three Disney holidays so I want to buy a new pair for this summer.

LM is all about the accessories at the moment. Including having her own bag pretty much everytime we go out. She has loads of shoulder bags but no backpacks which are much better for adventures. Since she loves cats I have my eye on the above one from Accessorize. The sun hat is also Accessorize, her last one was still a baby hat so she’s definitely grown out of that! The kids section has some real cute stuff.

I can’t believe how fast she’s growing and how her own sense of style is evolving. If it’s pink, glittery and has bows, she’s all over it.

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