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House Interiors Wishlist with Dunelm & My Favourite Voucher Codes*

This summer it’ll be 4 years since I moved into our home. It was our first home I could fully decorate and furnish myself and I was excited. As you may recall I collected a lot of bits and pieces from Dunelm Mill, through both ordering online and visiting the store. 4 years on and my house needs freshening up and I’m once again looking to Dunelm to do this which is why on this dreary Sunday I’m popping up a wish list as the weather outside is perfect for decorating dreaming.

Rooms that need the most TLC are my bedroom, the bathroom and the kichen. I did the staircase not too long ago and my lounge is standing the test of time. I also just re-designed LM’s room in February when she finally got a big bed. She went from pink princess to Peter Pan and it’s still my favourite room in the house. I hope with putting some care into the other rooms I’ll feel the same about them.

With the help of Dunelm voucher codes I’m sure I’ll be able to do this on a single parents budget. I’m a sucker for a good voucher code that will save me money without skipping on the product quality.

So here what’s currently on my wish list;

Dunelm Mill Wishlist

Dunelm Mill Wishlist

Starting with the kitchen. My current scheme is wooden and teal. My teal kettle and matching toaster were my pride and joy when I first moved in, however my toast bit the dust earlier this year and my kettle is heading in the same way so I think it’s time to move on and retire the colour scheme with it. I’ve gone for cream and copper as I already have a cream set of Laura Ashley scales that I adore. The kettle and toaster are the exact same style as my old set but in a new colour. All my utensils are currently teal but since i’ve had them four years I won’t feel bad replacing them with some copper ones. I’ll finish off the room with some Disney touches, I’ve already spotted some tea towels in Disneyland Paris that didn’t go well with my old kitchen but will go perfectly with what I intend to buy.

Next up, bathroom and I’m moving my beloved teal up there. My bathroom is currently grey and pink but since all my towels and bathmats are worn out, changing to teal won’t be too hard. I need a new towel bale, a new bathmat and a couple of new pots for toothbrushes and paste. The only other pink is a quote on my wall but I’m sure I can easily replace that. My current one says “Ever Cinderella brushes her teeth” I’m sure I can get something similar but in a colour that will match. Finally, a candle. I love taking baths with a candle burning and I’m a sucker for anything sweet vanilla.

Lastly, my bedroom. The room that needs the most TLC because lets face it, no one sees it except me. But still, I’m starting to think since my break up I’ve actually got bad bedroom karma (remember that Sex and the City episode where Miranda felt the same way?) Maybe giving my bedroom some love could finally free me of that. ANYWAY, first things first, I desperately need a new bed and mattress. Mine is causing me all sorts of back and hip problems because it’s over 10 years old. I would love a princess esq bed, then who care if I’m the only person who sleeps in it ever? With a new bed that means new bedding, I love the one above as it can be both girly and non girly (just in case). Finally, after a candle/towel/cat mishap I no longer burn candles in the bedroom so a reed refuser is a must.

I’m sure there is so much more I could buy that would help me transform my house into somewhere I want to live for another four years but for the time being, Dunelm can help me get started.

What do you have on your house interior shopping list?

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