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Little Miss Meets at Disney – Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary

This week we have a special edition of Little Miss Meets at Disney, all about Disneyland Paris’ 25th Anniversary! While we were there last month meeting the main characters in their 25th Anniversary outfits was one of the things I really wanted to do. I wasn’t sure we’d manage to do all of them but by some weird twist of fate we did and because of that I thought I’d share some photos in a special Little Miss Meets at Disney. You can meet Minnie, Daisy, Donald, Goofy, Pluto and Chip & Dale. Everyone apart from Daisy come out during Early Magic Hours (the time between 8am and park opening when people with annual passes or staying on Disney property can access the park early). Daisy switches with Goofy & Pluto at 11:15. Mickey also has a 25th Anniversary outfit (as does Max Goofy, Marie & Clarice) but you cannot meet him in it. He’s still at Meet Mickey & Plaza Gardens character breakfast donning his usual black and red suit.

Minnie Mouse
We met Minnie Mouse on our first early morning. Her queue was crazy even a matter of minutes after opening at 8am. She meets to the left as you enter the park. I have to admit her queue was the longest and it only got longer over the next few hours. I’ve heard stories of people waiting 2 hours to meet her! I think we waited a good 40 minutes as LM really wanted to see her. We were lucky it was sunny but still freezing cold. Her dress is super cute but really short, thank goodness for her bloomers. She really suits the blue and I have to admit it’s one of my favourite outfits she has in her vast wardrobe.

Donald Duck
Donald took top priority for meeting on our second early morning. He has his own newly decorated spot at the top of main street again on the left. Of all the characters out during EMH Donald has the shortest line and despite arriving slightly later we only waited a maximum of 20 minutes to see him. Little Miss was dressed as Daisy Duck and we had such a good interaction with him. He gave LM possibly the longest hug ever. They danced and shook their tail feathers together. Donald is always a fun meet. Donald is out until 4pm which is probably why he has the shortest queue during EMH.

Goofy & Pluto
These two meet together on the right side of Town Square as you enter the park. Despite getting two for the price of one and that they go in by 11am they never have a line as long as Minnie. We met them first on our last morning and waited about 30 minutes. I do like you meet both of them as it saves queuing separately. LM met them dressed as Mickey Mouse which they loved. She got huge hugs and even got to stoke Pluto and tell him to be a good boy when she walked away. Goofy’s 25th outfit is probably my favourite, he looks really dapper although I would have loved to meet him with his son Max. Pluto got a really fancy new collar which I’m so glad of as he often gets forgotten.

Chip & Dale
The final characters you can meet during EMH are Chip & Dale. They are in the centre of the town square behind the gazebo with a view of the castle in the background. There line wasn’t too long (nothing like Minnie’s) and I think we waited again half an hour to see them. These two are my absolute favourite fur to meet an in the many many times LM has met them we’ve never had a bad one. They did not disappoint when we saw them last month. Dale was straight over for hugs from me and my friends while Chip had LM all to himself. We must have been there a good 5-10 minutes as they were just playing and being mischievous. This is the whole reason I love meeting them. They had LM’s ears on, they were covering her face, fighting over hugs. Although we’re not planning to do characters in EMH this month we probably will still see Chip & Dale.

Daisy Duck
Daisy is the only character in her 25th get up you can’t meet from the start of EMH at 8am. As I mentioned above she swaps with Goofy and Pluto at 11am and remains in her spot on the right hand corner of town square until 4pm. We met her as she came out at 11am but had started queuing at 10:25 to ensure we were first in the queue. As ever Daisy works it in her new clothes and LM had so much fun with her even though they weren’t properly twinning (LM’s outfit has a purple top not Daisy’s new sparkly top). Daisy is one of my favourite fur meets as you can have so much fun questioning her about Donald and why he hasn’t married her. Her queue is pretty steady from when she comes out and I don’t think you ever queue more than 40 minutes max.

I do feel sad that as yet we haven’t met Mickey in his 25th Anniversary suit however he does wear it in Mickey Presents “Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris”. Hopefully he’ll eventually wear it to meet & greets too so we can all see it close up because there is no denying how awesome they all look together in their matching outfits.

What do you think of their 25th Anniversary outfits? Or do you wish they’d remain in their classic outfits all the time?

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