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12 Reasons Why You Should Visit Disneyland Paris

Lets face it, by now we’ve all seen that controversial blog post about why you SHOULDN’T visit Disneyland Paris. I’m not going to link it and give her traffic because I find the post ridiculous even down to the fact she makes a financial comparison with DLP and Walt Disney World. Unlike Duffy Does Disney, I’m not going to rebuff each of her points (so give Lucy’s post a read), instead I’m going to share 12 reasons why you should visit Disneyland Paris if you’re a Disney fan.

Disneyland Paris April 17

1. See the Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant (otherwise known as Sleeping Beauty castle)
For me this is my favourite castle. It’s beautiful, I love the pastel colours and it’s the perfect centre piece for the Disneyland Parc. Not just that, but you can climb up inside it and see the story of Sleeping Beauty depicted in stain glass and tapestries. Then underneath it you have the sleeping dragon. It’s beautifully done both inside and out. I love exploring every part of it when I visit.

2. You Can Visit for a Short Break & Feel like You Did Nearly Everything
If you plan correctly you can see pretty much everything you’d want to in a 3/4 night trip. There are times of days when the rides are quieter. You can use Early Magic Hours. Like with every Disney park you really need to go in with a plan of attack and take it from there. I love going even for two days and know LM has done nearly all the rides and met a few characters, seen the shows and the parade. We go to WDW and feel exhausted becase we’re constantly running around and even after 10 days I don’t even feel like we did even close to everything.


3. They Have Pop Up Characters Nearly Every Day
Unlike Disney who stick to their scheduling aside from training or Fantasmic sets, Disneyland Paris have pop up meets pretty much every day and they can happen anywhere in the parks or the Disneyland Hotel. We went in January during the coldest week of the year and although they did have characters out at their spots they had extra pop up characters in the hotel. These pop up characters can be anyone as well, including the high hunted for princesses and princes.



4. Watch the Starlit Princess Waltz
We all know that Dream Along with Mickey is the Disney show that holds my heart and probably always will, but the new Starlit Princess Waltz for Disneyland Paris’ 25th Anniversary is AMAZING. I cannot watch it and not cry. It’s beautiful and I love the storyline, the songs and the fact it showcases both the princesses and their princes. It is a must watch and definitely one of the best things Disneyland Paris has done in a long time.

5. You Can Walk Between Parks, the Village and the Hotels
I love being able to pop between the parks, the village and if staying onsite, the hotels. Yes they have shuttle buses but it’s such a short walk and it makes for such flexibility. I find it so stressful to hop between parks in WDW but it’s so easy in DLP. I love not relying on buses, or going to hunt for a car to move between the parks and it feels like i’m not wasting any time park hopping.


6. Do the Inventions Sunday Brunch it’s Wonderful
Imagine a brunch where every Sunday it’s a different theme and you can meet and eat with rare characters? Yep, Disneyland Paris has this! For LM’s birthday in January we did the Neverland themed one and it was perfect. It’s pricey but it’s worth it. At Easter Nick & Judy were there, a few months back Snow White, her prince and all the dwarves. You just never know who you’re going to get. It’s only at the Sunday brunch, when it offers character dining every other day of the week you have more common characters, but I hear the food is still great!

7. You Can Get There By Train
I love Eurostar. You rock up to check in 40 minutes before departure. Go through security and passport control, get on a train then a little over an hour you’re in France. I’ve never done direct to DLP as it’s so expensive but I don’t find the change at Lille stressful at all especially on the way out when we have a nice hour to grab a snack and use the toilets. Another hour later and you’re pulling up to DLP gates. We’ve flown a few times too but that two hour wait before the flight is just bordom city.

8. Duel Language Should be a Positive
You don’t go on holiday to Spain and complain that they speak in Spanish, do you? So it really rubs me up the wrong way when people complain that people talk French in Disneyland PARIS. As a parent I embrace this. I like surrounding Little Miss with a new language. She’s picked up the basics such as Bonjour, Oui, Au Revoir & Merci. I personally feel Disneyland Paris accommodates well with the English. 98.9% of the cast members have great understanding, the shows are either duel language or have a separate showing. The fact that some things are in French should not take anything away from your holiday, just like it wouldn’t if you went to Greece and everyone & everything was in Greek.

9. The Attractions are So Much Fun
Okay, so it’s not the capital of thrill rides, if that’s what you’re after go to Alton Towers or Thorpe Park but the rides are fun. LM is a huge fan of the Peter Pan’s Flight, It’s a Small World, Ratatouille is AMAZING, Casey Junior, Slinky Dog Coaster, Pays des Contes de Fees.. She loves exploring Adventure Isle and Alice’s Labyrinth. Of course it’s a lot more directed at a younger audience but I’m sure any Disney fan of any age can find something they enjoy.


10. Watch Disney Stars on Parade
I do miss Disney Magic on Parade, it suited Disneyland Paris however the more I see Stars on Parade the more I enjoy it. The cast members seem to really be getting into their pacing now and there is more time for audience interaction which I noticed was missing when we first watched in April. The song is catchy but it’s a little fast but the units are wonderful. I love that the parade features the princes, Kristoff, Mowgli, Wendy and the Lost Boys.. but the Lost Boys are their own versions and not the same Newsies style from WDW.

11. You can See Seasonal Characters without Paying for a Party Ticket
WDW monetises rare characters by only offering them at parties with additional tickets required. In DLP Maleficent and Jack Skellington are regularly out at Halloween, along with characters in costumes such as witch Minnie and vampire Mickey. At Christmas Scrooge McDuck has a regular meet spot along with Santa Jack. Last October I paid over $150 so LM could meet Jack & Sally!


12. It Swims in Disney Magic
I’m so tired of hearing people saying that Disneyland Paris lacks Disney magic. You just need to look at the effort that’s put into the creation of the park, every inch of it is Disney. I love how it has it’s own charm and is very much a European spin on Disney. Yes the cast members aren’t all in your face with sunshine but that isn’t the European away. Disneyland Paris has it’s own charm and it’s own magic if you are the ones making it. We don’t go expecting anything, we go to make the cast members day. Just go with an open mind, you won’t be disappointed.

I’m not someone who tries to tell others what they should and shouldn’t do. All Disney parks have their pros and cons but in my opinion they’re all worth visiting and I honestly hate when people claim one park is better than the other. Walt Disney World will always be my home, but mainly because of our friends out there. I love visiting Disneyland Paris and it’s a dream to be able to go every few months this year due to my annual pass. Some people will never have the money in their life to afford any other Disney park except the one closest to them so what right do you have to piss all over it? Disney is magic if you make it magic, don’t rely on other people to do that for you.


Have you visited Disneyland Paris yet? The 25th Anniversary is definitely the year to go!

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