6 Items I’d Love to Buy for My Dad*

If you remember from my post about Easter, you’ll know that my dad was quite sick over Easter weekend. It gave us all quite a scare. My dad has had a serious attitude change since then. For a long time with each weekend he was getting grumpier and grumpier, it was actually driving a wedge between us all. But two months on, my dad is like a new man, a family man. The man I remember from my childhood.  My dad was a great man when I was a kid. We did stuff together all the time and now my kid gets that from her grandad.

Because of this, I want to share a list of 6 things I would love to buy my dad to show how much I appreciate him. At the moment I simply have time to spend with him (which I do, every single weekend) and i tell

6 Items I'd Love to Buy for My Dad

Firstly, I would love to get my dad a gorgeous watch. The job he’s in means he can’t even wear his wedding ring but I’d love to get him something he could wear with pride at the weekend. Branded watches are sort of out of my price range however there are so amazing pre-owned watches that have been refurbished and would be perfect. Speaking of refurbished, I once bought a refurbed iPad and it’s been great, however I’d like to buy my dad a new one. On the subject of electronics, something he actually needs is grooming kit or beard trimmer. I like the Babyliss for Men 6 in 1 Kit. It’ll even match my parents bathroom.

My dad is a huge fan of whiskey, always has been. In fact he’s done a few distillary tours. Like me he’s big into travel and exploring but he can’t go aimlessly, he needs to have a destination. I’d love to book him Whiskey Experience, it looks like something completely different to anything he’s done before so I think he’d enjoy it. This one is for 2 people and you can pick go to one of eleven different destinations. Maybe a Christmas present, eh?

Finally two unusual gifts I know he’d love that are definitely in my price range. He’s talked about wanting to get a Darth Vader outfit for ages to match Little Miss’ Leia costume & my nephew’s Luke costume. However he’d have no where to wear it and I don’t think you’d get one in his size. But I found the next best thing, a Darth Vader bathrobe! When he’s home at the weekend he likes to chill out in his bathroom as it’s comfier than his work top and bottoms. The other thing I found that would seriously pique my dad’s interests is a Queen Edition of Monopoly. Queen are one of my dad’s favourite bands and we grew up on the music so it would be nice to give him something that brings our whole family together.

Whatever gift I decide to go for to show my dad how much his changed attitude means to me I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. I just want him to know how happy we are to have a strong family man heading our family, LM doesn’t have many male figures to look up to so I’m glad she has him!

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