The First 5 Things to Do When Moving into a New Home*

Next month will see me 4 years in our home, it’s the longest thing i’ve ever spent in a house that wasn’t my parents and it feels weird! I was so used to moving every 1-2 years, every time a lease was up. I won’t lie though, I kinda enjoy moving house. Planning what each room will look at, collecting bits and pieces. It can be an exciting time if the stress doesn’t get to you!

Take out the stress of moving with high-grade splashbacks stockist, The Plastic People. They have put together a list  of the five things to do when moving into your new home, and I have to admit I hadn’t even thought of a few of them! Have a read and see if you agree;

Change the Locks!
I must be the most trustworthy person ever as this never even crossed my mind! From now on I’ll totally be changing the locks of every exterior door when I move to give me peace of mind! You never know what kind of a person lived in the house before you and I don’t think I’d want to chance them having kept a set of keys!

Arrange a locksmith to come on moving day to make sure the house is secure before you leave any valuables in then make sure there is a key cut for everyone who needs it.

Set Up Your Utilities
Not all houses come with gas, electricity and running water, some might have had it disconnected when the previous owner or tennant left, or if you’ve bought a fixer upper say. You need to get these three in particular up and running before you move in or as soon as you arrive. Another one to think about is phone line and Internet, I used to hate that period of not having broadband when moving.

On the topic of utilites it’s a good idea to identify your fuse box incase, where you get your gas readings from and your main water valve as it’s important to find these at a moment’s notice.

One thing my mum taught me when I moved into my first ever place is you clean every single inch of it. It’s also much easier to do a deep clean before all the furniture is in. It’s the best way to get a fresh start. Before moving into my current house I went up every night for a week and scrubbed the place.

If you have a garden it’s the best time to make sure that’s clean and tidy too, especially you have kids who’ll want to be out running around on your new lawn. Pull out weeds, cut the grass, check the fencing is stable.

Unpack the Essentials First
Moving house isn’t something you can do over night. The packing and unpacking alone can take a few weeks. When you first move in locate all your essentials first. This can be made easier by packing them into specific boxes before you move. Think bedding, towels, toiletries, a few kitchen items, some clothes, food, drink and your children’s and pets’ favourite toys — and clearly label these so you know to unpack them first. If you try to unpack everything at once you’ll end up stressed!

Get to Know Your Neighbours
Whaaaaat? In this day & age? No one gets to know their neighbours! Right? Wrong, get out there and find out who is living next door to you. Yes, they might not what to get to know you but you never know when you may need them.

Also go for a walk and get to know your neighbour hood. Find out where the bus stop is, is there a corner shop or any other businesses? Before you know it, your new house and neighbourhood will begin to truly feel like home.

If you’re moving this summer! Good luck!

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