5 Ways to De-Stress After a Hard Week*

As i’ve mentioned in a couple of posts, June was a very very hard month. In fact I had a complete break down at the beginning of July due to being so stressed out. This is something that hasn’t happened in years but I had got to the point where my brain was exploding due to the lack of sleep and constant worrying. It wasn’t healthy in the slightest especially as I’d got to the point where I was relying on my 5 year old to be a source of happiness. Since then I’ve been to the doctors for some help and I’ve spoken to my parents and hopefully July won’t be as bad as June. I’m still not sleeping great but that’s something I suffer with a lot and aside from medicating myself into a zombie state I tend to live with that.

Something I was told to do by the doctor was completely switch off at the weekend. Because I’m self employed when I’m not being a parent I’m usually on my laptop working. I know from having self employed friends and my ex being self employed this is the norm but my brain had gotten to the point of over load and I wasn’t even concentrating. So i’ve done my research and here are 5 ways to de-stress after a hard week;

Invest in an Essential Oil Diffuser
In the past I’ve always been a candle burning girl but after a chat to my doctor he suggested trying essential oils that are proven to help reduce stress and encourage a natural sleep sans of tablets. I already use a lavender roll on for my pulse points on the nights I’m extra restless but New Directions Aromatics Essential Oils has a great selection of oils that can be used as a diffuser throughout the day to help with anxiety and stress. Rose, Camomile and Ylang Ylang are great if you lead a hectic lifestyle.

Take a Bath
I’ve mentioned this often in my Insomnia related posts but a bath really is one of the best ways to de-stress. Especially if you do that bath right. You can buy special bubble bath for relaxing, muscle soothing and even helping you to sleep. Dim the lights, put on relaxing music, light a few candles so the room isn’t that stark white brightness that bathrooms are known for. Soon you’ll feel chilled out and ready to curl up in bed.

Go Outside
As a kid my mother swore by getting out for some fresh air if things got a little wild in the house. A walk along the prom, a trip to the park, anything to run off some excess energy. The same goes if you’re an adult. Some people run for this very reason but you don’t have to take it so serious. Heading out the house for the day and getting some important some Vitamin D can work just as well. Yesterday my sister and I took the kids to a local castle, then to the seaside for over 6 hours and I felt so much better than being trapped in with my laptop.

Switch Off
This goes hand in hand with going outside. At the weekend step away from your computer, your phone and social media. Lets face it these days social media is a HUGE cause of stress, be it trying to keep up on a forum, the competitive nature of the net or everyone’s need to document every little thing. Just take a break from it all.

Take Up a Relaxing Hobby
Finally, another thing my doctor recommended is taking up a relaxing hobby that’s nothing to do with my job. We had a talk about it and after going through things like knitting, going to the gym, scrap booking seemed more my thing. Just something that is absolutely nothing to do with my laptop, or any form of technology (apparently Netflix binging doesn’t count as when I get into the series I sometimes stay up past 5 to finish, WHOOPS) and spend my evenings during the weekend doing that. Reading is a popular one, some people like to bake, or even do cross stitch!

De-stressing and switching off from your job is a very important part of self care. Our generation seems to be constantly wound up like a string trying to simply survive so finding ways to switch off from everything is a vital part of life and something I’ve been skipping out on for far too long.


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