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Introducing Livvy Bird Adventures

In September, Cocktails in Teacups will be 5 years old. I have blogged pretty much religiously since 18/09/12 and I really am proud of how far I’ve come. This blog has gone through a few evolutions, from general rambling, through food, fashion, beauty (when I still had time and effort to care about my appearance) and has now ended on life, parenting and a little bit of travel. In the mix there is Disney. Disney is a huge part of my life, and as Little Miss grows it’s getting bigger. We live for our Disney trips, LM is heavily into cosplay, we support small shops for Disney merch and I try to write as much about Disney as possible here, but I often feel sad that my Disney content (which is obviously a favourite to write) gets lost! I have loads of park related reviews, LM’s character meets, her cosplays and much more but aside from being in a general “Disney” category it’s all pretty hard to find.

Since April 2015 I’ve ran our Livvy Bird Adventures Instagram, and I’m proud to say that through a lot of hard work (especially in the past 6 months, thanks for the crappy algorithm Insta!) I’ve built it up to almost 17,000 followers! I love sharing snippets from our past trips, and live updating during a trip, it’s also great for LM to look back on! Through this Instagram account I have been inspired to create something new, something that’s a mix of my love for blogging and Disney, so I’m introducing; Livvy Bird Adventures blog

Yes, it finally happened! I launched it on Friday and there are already two brand new posts, one about the Attraction Tickets Direct bucket list competition and another which is a small shop review, Lost Princess Park Buttons. I will gradually be moving a lot of my Disney Parks posts over to Livvy Bird Adventures as it’ll make them much easier to find, and all Little Miss Meets and Little Miss Cosplays posts will from now on be on that blog. I’m excited and I hope all my Disney fanatic readers are excited too!

This blog will stay general life, parenting and a bit of travel (that isn’t Disney of course), I have more posts to put up about Paris, DC, Niagara Falls & NYC, as well as any trips we do in the UK. As usual you’ll see our Summer Holiday Bucket list, getting ready for back to school and a look back on LM’s first year along with all the other content you find on this blog, I’m not going anywhere but hopefully both blogs will start to look a little more organised.

From now on, new content will go live on Cocktails in Teacups on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday.. and new content will be up on Livvy Bird Adventures Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Not only that, Livvy Bird Adventures has it’s own Facebook page (and hopefully this blog will eventually get it’s own too). Not everyone on my Facebook (mainly family and family friends) have Instagram or read blogs so this will be a way for them all to keep up to date with LM’s Disney adventures. I did have a lot of fun putting it together last night so if you’re on Facebook please give it a follow; Livvy Bird Adventures

Thank you to everyone who has showed support to both the Facebook page and blog so far, it means so much to me. Writing about Disney is ideally the direction I’d like to go in the way of work and hopefully by having a Disney only blog it will showcase my passion for it. And thank you for everyone who has shown our Instagram support over the last two years, it’s been a ride and I hope we can continue with it for as long as possible. We’ve made so many friends through it and I hope it’ll continue to grow.

Finally, if you’re a small shop that specialises in Disney inspired products, send me a 300 width button to livvybirdadventures@gmail.com and I’ll host you for free. Like I said, we love to support small shops!

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