10 Things That Make Me Inexplicably Happy

This year has been rough. Between LM going to school full time, struggling financially and not going to Florida I’ve felt in a bit of a black hole and then I had a string of bad luck. My mental health has definitely taken a bit of a battering especially as I inch towards 30, I’m just not where I wanted to be and right now there isn’t much I can do about it. I’m just riding this year out and then fingers crossed once Florida is paid off I can look at what next.

One of the things I’ve been doing is trying to focus on the things that do make me happy, especially on those really hard, lonely days where I just feel completely stuck in a funk. In some ways, I have the most blessed life. I have the most amazing child, and yeah I’m completely biased but she is such a sweet soul. Also, any spare money I do have I use to go to Disney. But it doesn’t always make the day to day living any easier.

This week is one of those black weeks (the name I give to when I’m struggling with my mental health). I worry about every little thing, I cry because LM is growing up and I stress myself sick about making ends meet. I feel like I’m being crushed under the weight of adulthood. But last night I woke about 4am and as I snuggled further under my blankets knowing I had another 3 hours or so of sleep I felt happy. It was just one of those little things that made me feel good.

Inspired by that, here are 10 things that make me inexplicably happy;

Going Back to Bed Before My Alarm Goes Off
As I mentioned above this is one of the things that makes me feel so happy. I suffer terribly with insomnia so a lot of nights I don’t sleep until 4/5am but on that rare occasion I’m asleep by midnight if I wake at 4am and see I still have a decent amount of sleep time before my alarm I just feel happy. Especially if it’s cold and I can pull the blankets right up to my chin. There is nothing better than being warm and cosy when it cold outside and I like it even more when I can drift back to sleep for a nice amount of time before my dreaded alarm goes off. I appreciate this so much more now that I have to get up at 7:30 every day for the school run!

Seeing Little Miss’ Face As She Comes Out of School
Speaking of school, that moment I see LM’s face when she comes out of school is 100% the best part of my day. Especially her face when she sees me and she shouts “mummy!” and runs over to me. My child is always the happiest to see her parent at the end of the day and again that makes me happy. When I finally get to wrap my arms around her again it’s the best feeling. She’s my other half and I never feel whole without her and what makes it better is she clearly feels the same about me. I want to film her one day so even when she’s grown up I can forever live in that moment when she comes out of school as a little girl.

The Castle In the Opening Credits of a Disney Movie
This summer LM and I watched so many Disney movies and every time the castle appeared in the opening credits I felt that warm, comforting feeling you get when you see something familiar. I especially love the new credits when it’s a realistic looking castle and the train goes past it. To make that feeling even better LM has taken to shouting “that’s Mr Disney’s castle“, she’s obsessed with the idea that Mr Disney made everything and we have to be thankful to him. She makes me so proud.

Using Unused Butter
This is such a random one but I’ve always loved it. You know when you buy spreadable butter and you take the lid and paper covering off to see it so perfectly unused? I love being that person to use it for the first time, something about it makes me feel happy as I slide my knife across the top. Some people like cracking crème brulee, I like using unused butter.

The Smell of French Vanilla Coffee
Another food related one. The smell of French vanilla coffee is just something no other smell can match. I think it’s because I also associate it with holidays in the US. The rich coffee smell mixed with the sweet vanilla is just amazing. The taste is pretty spectacular too, especially if it’s iced.

Finding a Working Discount Code
Is there anything more satisfying than finding a working discount code? I’ve always been a bargain hunter, ever since I went to university and only had £100 per month (including having to pay for my phone bill) to live on. Now more so as a single mother when I want to give LM the best life possible. I never buy anything online without seeing if I can find a discount code first, it’s like rule number one for me and if I find one I feel so happy. The only thing than makes that happiness even better is if it’s already free delivery and then I find a discount code, double bonus!

Buying Christmas and Birthday Presents
I take pride in buying gifts for people. I like them to be special and means something, or be exactly what they want. I also start Christmas shopping super early so I’m able to do this. Some of the best gifts I’ve ever bought people were Mrs Potts and Chip for Bee (long before everyone went crazy over them), a spa voucher for my sister, personalised gifts for my mum, Jon Snow “I know Nothing” tee for my dad, the list goes on. My mum always says how much thought I put into my gift shopping and she’s right, but that’s only because I take such pleasure in it! It does genuinely make me happy.

Walking Back into a Disney Park on the First Day of a Trip
On the first day of a Disney holiday, the first park I must visit is the one with the castle. Why? I just need to see that castle to know I’m home. And I cry. Every single time. Be it one tear or full on sobbing (that one is usually reserved for Cinderella castle). They’re happy tears of course. Happy knowing I’m about to have the most magical time and I’m there with my favourite person in the whole world. It makes all that stress and hard work worth it.

Perfect Macarons
When you see row upon row of perfectly shaped and coloured macarons.. it just makes me so happy and I instantly have to buy some, sorry purse.

Watching LM Meet her Favourite Characters
Without a doubt, the highlight of my life with LM has been watching her meet her favourite Disney characters. Hearing her conversations, seeing the look of content on her face when they call her by name, hug her or kiss her. Seeing her sat in the laps of princesses. Seeing Peter take her hand and take her on an adventure. Seeing her kiss Mickey’s nose. The memories I have of her at Disney are priceless and I know I made the right choice taking her so young. Disney has been such a huge part of our lives and without a doubt it’s the happies part. Knowing I gave her this, all of this, on my own.. nothing in the world makes me happier.

What makes you inexplicably happy?


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