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Making the Switch to a Healthy Lifestyle*

When it comes to food, I’m lazy. I never used to be, I used to love cooking but since living on my own the thrill of that has gone and it’s too easy to eat at my mum’s house and when I don’t, it’s took easy to get quick food such as a take away or somthing to bung into the oven. Pair that with since my break up at the start of the year I’ve just been comfort eating. If I want a bar of chocolate, I’m having one. If I want nachos covered in cheese, I’m having those too. Cause a side affect of my break up was feeling so undesirable. I’m probably the size I was while I was pregnant these days but I’ve finally reached a point where I’m not happy. Although there has only been a few points in my life where I’ve been under weight, I’ve always been thin. I have a small frame and being this size isn’t agreeing with old injuries (and the fact my bed is on it’s way out). Not only that but I look in the mirror and hate myself more than ever. My clothes aren’t fitting anymore and I can’t afford new. It’s a sad situation and one only I can take action with.

As I’m someone who can’t stick to a conventional diet, I’ve decided to make small changes that will hopefully help me see a big change by the time I head off to Florida next May. Today I’m sharing a few of these changes I plan on making;

Start The Day With Skinny Coffee
Every morning I have 1 or 2 (depending on how I slept) mugs of coffee with sweetner and skimmed milk. My bestie Bee told me about skinny coffee to aid in weight loss. I’d heard about skinny tea but never coffee but since I drink coffee anyway I thought it would nice to try. I was lucky enough to receive a sample from The Skinny Caffe so I’ve been trying it for the last week. Obviously I cannot see any benefits at the moment because Skinny Coffee is actually a weight loss aid rather than something that slims you down. It’s designed to raise your metabolism, burn fat and beat the bloat. As it’s made with all organic ingredients I’m hoping it’ll help kick start my weight loss when I combine it with a healthier diet and lifestyle. It does have a different taste to coffee that it did take me couple of mugs to get used to but it isn’t a horrible taste especially when you combine it with milk and sweetner. A 30 day supply costs £24.95 and you can even get my all time favourite flavour, French Vanilla! The Skinny Caffe also has tea, hot chocolate and skinny syrup which I definitely want to try.

Walk More
The only reason why I’m not really overweight is because I don’t drive. But lately with my mum’s shift work has meant she’s been picking me up a lot more and that means less walking. LM really doesn’t mind going for walks so I think I just need to download my pacer app again and aim for those 10,000 steps daily. I can’t afford the gym and I’m not confident enough to go out running so walking daily is probably the only way I can get exercise at the moment.

Try Cooking with Rapeseed Oil
I’ve recently heard about the benefits of cooking with rapeseed oil and I’m going to be making the switch. It’s not only low in saturated fats and high in non saturated fats but it’s also a good source of vitamin e which is important for the formation of red blood cells, it’s also an antioxidant. Cooking with a low saturated fat oil will definitely make a difference with my diet.

Look for Healthy Alternatives
My biggest downfall is definitely the types of food I buy. I like the full fat stuff. I like cheese. I like chocolate. I like white bread and I really like dessert. But if I do want to loose weight I need to look for healthier alternatives to these. You can get low in calorie and low in fat desserts. You can get 50/50 bread. You can get low fat cheese and cream. Instead of buying things to make a massive bowl of nachos, I could buy humus and low fat snack breads. Instead of biscuits I could buy rice cakes. This is something I 100% need to make a more concious effort with. Healthy snacking isn’t all leaves and carrot sticks, I can make the changes and still enjoy what I eat and it’s really important I make the effort to do this.

Make Time for Proper Meal
Laziness with cooking is something I’ve got into the habit with. I can cook. And I can cook really well. But I sadly got to the point where I just didn’t enjoy it and buying fresh ingredients in for one and a half was so expensive! I spend ages on Pinterest pinning healthy meals that look good but I just never get around to cooking them. I think I’m going to have to put my head with my mum (who’s planning on healthy cooking for my dad while he’s signed off work) and really make a concious effort to eat more home cooked healthy meals rather than food from the freezer. If I have any sucesses I’ll be sure to share them on here like I used to back in the day!

Hopefully making these 5 changes will help me embrace a healthier lifestyle that will result in a steady weight loss. Wish me luck!

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