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Samsonite Frozen Nordic Summer Duffel Bag Review

If you’re someone who likes to get away as much as possible like me, you’ll know there is nothing better than good luggage. Samsonite is a name you’d associate with good luggage, right? Our main short haul suitcase is this beautiful Minnie Mouse case by Samsonite that I absolutely adore and it’s made travelling to and from Disneyland Paris so much easier.

This week we added another piece of Samsonite Disney luggage to our collection, this time in the form of Frozen. You know me, I’m pretty much over Frozen, LM on the other hand is not. She still loves Anna, the songs and loves when she sees Kristoff in Disney Stars on Parade so when this bag turned up on our doorstep she instantly claimed it and although it’ll be a little too big for school (especially since she’s and undersized little squirt) I can already think of a few uses for it.

Frozen Nordic Summer Duffel Bag* RRP £59, Samsonite

The Frozen Nordic Summer range is part of Samsonite’s Disney Wonder collection, which is perfect for adult and children alike. The pastel colours are really pretty and the fantastic graphic on the front tells you instantly is great quality, up there with the official Disney Store & Parks stuff. I wouldn’t really expect anything less from Samsonite though.

It’s a duffel style bag with two hand straps and an over the shoulder strap that has a padded bit to stop it rubbing while being carried. It also has a little rubber Olaf & snowflake dangle. It has a front pocket and a main pocket both which you close with a zip. The duffle itself is 45cm and holds 28 litres making it a decent size bag which is the reason it’s not good for LM to take to school. However it’ll work really well as hand luggage, a gym bag or a dance bag which is ultimately what we’ll use it for when LM starts.

The bag feels like really good quality, I can see it easily surviving a fair few flights as hand luggage, it’s really spacious and could probably fit a weekends worth of clothes in no problem if you’re going on a short trip. I think the colour scheme is perfect for not just kids but adults too, it’s not too in your face Disney but it’s a cute way to show your Disney side. The main compartment also has a duel zip meaning you can pop a lock on it if you are using it as luggage for travelling. I think I’m really paranoid but I always like all our luggage to lock, you never know who is prowling around airport terminals!

As I mentioned above, LM is in love with it, it’s cute, girly and features her favourite sisters and at least with Samsonite you know you’re getting the quality and a long lasting product. Lets see how it fairs flying to Florida next year!

What’s your favourite piece of luggage?

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